RSPB Campaign

RSPB campaigns to save birds of prey.

Red squirrel winning its fight for life

Red squirrels develop immunity.

Spider Man Photo Award

Jake Wild is through the to finals of the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards.

Rare Spider crawls back from the dead

Numbers of the ladybird spider increase.

An Amazing Dog

Jasmine plays mother.

Fudge lives to tell the tail

Larry the Pony

Pony is made honorary sheep.

The High Flying Foxes

Freezing animals swap their burrows for a warm penthouse with a view.

Birds of beauty need more space

Stamford park animals in distress.

Bat-ronaut clings on for the ride of his life

A fruit bat makes his way into space.

The above par birdie

AJ the parrot masters sports.

Britons are 'bored of the country'

The UK public is ignorant of wildlife.

26 kids,well I was egged on

Mallards hatch 26 ducklings.

Tip plans opposed by residents

Coal Pit lane proposal opposed.

Risen from the waters

Southam barge lovingly restored.

In a flap over flight for life

Warblers at risk from climate change.

Latest helpless victim

RSPCA investigates geese shootings.

It's a frog eat frog world

I smell a rat

Kofi the rat is trained to find mines.
Sheena the leopard loses her food to a rodent.

Woman kills elephant with bow and arrow

Sick American woman shows she has no respect for life.

Guinea pig recipe cooks up a storm

Church officials create recipe for pets.

Well, the ferry was a little deer

A deer takes a dip in the shipping lanes.

The Glare of the Dog

Scientist makes dog glow in dark for human use.

A Delicate Hoperation

Frog gets surgery after mower accident.

Britain is buzzing over most expensive honey

£7 honey is made in Britain.

Real Mutant Ninja Turtle!

Reptile fought,was injured and then repaired with fibreglass.

It wheels like I'm slowly falling in love

Tortoise gets skateboard for a leg.

How to find the perfect mate in the frog chorus

Fighting dogs being knifed

Dogs used as status symbols.

Pet owners warned as owl goes AWOL

Sue does a bunk.

Keeper mauled to death by rare tiger

Dalu dies in attack by tiger in NZ.

Breeding like Bustards

Great bustard chicks hatch in the UK.

The Kiss of Strife.Nearly.

It's not just human aunties that can be smothering and overbearing.

Here's a funny thing....

Orangutan's have a laugh.

Dog that thinks it's a dog

Ulrok and Beldaran becomes  friends.

She drives me car-azy

Jango the rhino loves his car.

Birds nets swoop

Rangers check on birds of prey.

It's a Honda with caterpillar tracks

Spindle mine moth caterpillars invade Rotterdam.

Beached Whales

False killer whales stranded near Cape Town.

Luv a Duck

Duck squashes duckling.

A purr-fect pianist

Cat plays the piano.

Shell we eat?

Armadillos are hand fed after mother killed.

Large Blue flutters back

The large blue butterfly increases in the UK.

Bite size bundles are grrr-eat fun

Two Amur tiger cubs born in Kingussie.

Why the animal world says its good to be gay

Same-sex relations evolved in the natural world.

I'll grow up what flamin' colour?

The flamingo chicks that will soon turn pink...but are scared of that hue.

My toilet's all brocked up

Badger finds unorthodox route into house.

I cuda been a contender

Locking horns to see who is the best bovine brawler in the Swiss Alps.

Saddled with a clumsy pal

Tiny chihauhau survives squashing by her best friend - a huge horse.

Livin' high on the hog

The mongooses that help clean warthogs - and get a meal in the process.

The happy hoppies and the poppies

Aliens in the clear as stoned wallabies get the blame for crop circles.

First the beef then the duck!

Spaniards play fast and loose with life in the bull run.

A snap of our world

The British Wildlife Photography Awards

What dies beneath....

3 reasons to fear for our seas.

A hair of the hog cure

Hedgehog regrows spines with help.

The 'invisible hand' that helps animals take turns

Language is monkey business.

Watch the birdie!

Eagle gets a head (cam) for heights.

The real bay of pigs

Island family are hot to trot (and swim) in tropical pleasure ground.

Let's hit the roof, lads!

Baboons move on from the wing mirrors after realising we have plenty up top.

Artificial brain 10 years away

'We cannot do animal experiments forever' says computer prof.

The touching tale of a blind dog for the guide

Border collie leads friend around.

Mice grown from skin may help humans

Mice are manufactured from skin cells by Chinese.

Saved by the Beluga

Free diver fears for her life until Mila swims into action.

I've a paw splint finish

Mac raced to catch a rabbit but lost,ending up at the bottom of a  cliff.

A close-up snap

A german woman narrowly escapes the jaws of a crocodile.

My tortoise is a (very) slow cooker

Pet survives fire that kills his mates....only to be thrown in a bucket of water.

My dog is feeling under par

Dog swallows 9 golf balls.

A few burning questions...

Letters about the environment.

Caring? Thats just bull

Salford's Frank Evans talks bull.

Aged 26,Max leads the way as the oldest dog

Max heads for the Guinness book.

Room for swan more?

Six little cygnets cadge a ride on mum after they get tired of swimming.

Bush rescue Koala Sam is put down

Koala is put to sleep.

Monster Carp's death more than a little fishy

Benson is caught 60 times.

You were told not to feed the bears 

Woman eaten by bears after ignoring advice not to feed them.

Facing jail,the teenager who killed a cat with a crossbow

Chloe O'Connor of Hyde kills Trouble.

Love affair? It's a bit of a stretch...

Bea and Wilma and the interspecies relationship.

I found  a live python in a carrier bag

Lesley Coles finds every bit doesn't always help.

I feel a right p-p-p-plonker stuck in this wetsuit

Bald Ralph gets a wetsuit.

Diesel makes tracks to follow holiday owner...

Diesel travels by rail.

Have these birds joined the Dodo?

47 species list of missing birds.

A rhinostone cowboy

Dennis the rhino lets the keeper ride his back.

Tears of Mother Earth

Remarkable picture of melting ice shelf 'serves as climate warning'.

Bit of a drama?

Then you'll need a Llama calmer for your karma.

Do you think he's a swinger?

French gorilla sets pulses racing.

Arctic is hottest it has been in 2000 years

Arctic shelves are shrinking.

Songbirds on a phone wire

Jarbas Agnelli makes music from birds on a wire.

Shell Shock

'Lucky' turtle is repaired with furniture coasters.

Bolt 100m record beaten by cheetah

Sarah the cheetah is the fastest land animal.

Three babies who cheetahed death

Babies are saved from shot cheetah's womb.

PC parrot leaves with a chip on his shoulder

Chip the parrot gives the police a hard time.

Kentucky's no chicken

Penguin finally takes to water.

Pasta is my pet treat

Real life Garfield 'Humphrey' eats pasta.

A bull in a diner stop

Shoppers get more than they bargained for as cattle run wild at fair.

Pigeon that's quicker than broadband

Pigeon transfers 4Gb faster than 'superfast' broadband.

Time to serve up some in-flight drinks

Bat captured on film in flight.

A Flying Visit

Snow geese fill the sky whilst migrating.

Photographers prove that Britain is truly beautiful....naturally

The British Wildlife Photography Awards.

Blue Peter to the rescue for Barney

Barney becomes Blue Peter dog.

Spider-Man the Lizard

Pet lovers clamber to buy lizard with distinctive blue-and-red outfit.

Nurse,I just saw a pony walk into the hospital!

Beauty checks in. 

Big cat has little courage

Tiger refuses to budge from his 5m climb.

Lost whale dies

Young whale stranded in Clyde dies.

Lasers from space show glaciers are shrinking fast

Eaten up by desire

Two mating dragonflies are given a rude awakening by a crafty heron.

'Zoo from hell pair'  face jail

Pair from Salford are sentenced over animal cruelty.

Apple with split personality

Ken Morrish makes a bi-coloured Golden Delicious.

The real jungle book

New wildlife volume reveals the hidden gems of the world's rainforests.

Crane saves panicked parrot stuck in tree

Owner forks out for cherry picker to save parrot.

Forests under threat

'Focus on the Rainforests'

The hitchawker

Kingbird takes a ride on a red tailed hawk.

Feed Me

Singapore white tigers jump for food.

Poo, what a porker

Bacon-sarnie loving skunk kicks up a stink over new diet.

Pet sheep Lucy in legal baa-tle

Pet sheep Lucy is in the dock.

Bee here now

Oasis star Liam's bid to save dying insects.

To have and to fold...

Models of planes no longer cut it for this awared-winning paper sculptor.

I spied her in my bananas

Man finds arachnid in fruit.

Got any Arctic roll left?

Polar bear gatecrashes tourist's dinner on board a luxury cruise ship.

A spike in the market

Ickle Prickles: These mini hogs maybe tiny but they've become a huge hit.

This lobsters gone off

Bomb-dwelling Lionel nips the hand that tries to save him and pays the price.

Air of the dog

Fasco drops out of a helicopter.

No flies on this spider (that's because it's vegetarian)

The world's first vegetarian spider has been found.

Uh-oh,we're toast

Sardines take centre stage in one of the greatest natural predatory shows.

How we could soon give insects the slip

Repellant coating reduces grip by 60%.

Natural world is abuzz...

Rare wasp returns after 60years.

Dive 'prank' was a shark eating me

Matt Bowen gets leg pulled by bull shark.

My husband snapped

Vicki Lowing loves Johnie the croc more than her hubs.

Not so empty nests

Birds of a different feather flock together in shared home.

We're only here for the meers...

Nothing compares to Akeksandr Orlov the meerkat.

Shark ambushes diver in aquarium

Boy,2,critical after mauling by pet dogs

Birds learn song from eggs factor

Simon Cowell checks out some chicks.

What's in the box?

White tiger cubs make public debut.

Ol' blue-eyes is back again

Amateur photographer captures rare damselfly in his back garden.

Wildlife,in a blink

Stunning image of an Iberian wolf jumping over a fence to catch his prey scoops photography prize.

Here to surf,master

Dog joins paraplegic's fun.

Long faces? Not us two

These ponies are laughing themselves hoarse...

No Smokey without fire

Gecko survives fire.

Sharp eyed shrimps will call the tune

Shrimp eyes inspire next generation CD & DVD.

Farmer's crackling tale of twin ducklings

Twin ducks come from the same egg.

60 second interview - Ric Barry

Flipper's trainer tells us to save dolphins.

Wild tigers will vanish in 20 years

Coyote takes wild ride

Tricky find himself in need ACME supplies.

One in the eye for birdwatchers

Wearable birdfeeder gets close-up on hummingbirds.

Have lunch on the fly?

Oxpecker cleans giraffe.

Cannibals invading your home

Watch out for cannibal Harlequin ladybirds.

Fast food in the rapids

Brown bears go fishing.

Lethal harvest of our careless world

Albatross are killed by plastic debris.

Percy,albino squirrel,gets a town shrine

Rare squirrel gets memorial after being knocked down.

Global warming forces Kilamanjaro ice to melt

Time to chill out

Gore gets to the core of the threat

Review of Al Gore's 'Our Choice'.

Jailed tycoon urges leaders to 'forget oil'

Russian oil tycoon says renewable resources are the future.

Ice clue to Island Wolf

Clue to how the Falkland's Wolf existed on an island.

17,000 species could soon be extinct

The red list of endangered species grows bigger.

Green beliefs are same as religion,rules judge

Ecological beliefs gain same status as religion.

So you thought this was squirrel - proof did you?

Next time I tell you to move,move quackly

Shoebill manhandles duck out of his private space.

Why tropical butterflies like to wing it on a date

Evolution is being witnessed first hand.

Mean Green Machine

Superboat used to deter whalers.

Row over plan to use meat to make power

United Utilities hatches macabre plan to use 'waste meat'.

Teacher is killed by nip from his pet dog

Teacher dies whilst playing with pet.

An Albatross is killed every 5 minutes

The fishing industry is killing seabirds.

Fantastic Mr Fox bags a place to sleep

Fox crashes through ceiling into store window.

All voled up

Numbers of water voles are on the rise.

Teenager stuck on ice is forced to kill polar bear

Eskimo leaves two cubs without mother.

Brownie the duck in a hole lot of trouble

Fireman rescue Brownie the duck.

Tiny Assassins

Hired killers from Essex make sure Britain's 'Christmas Flowers' bloom.

Ghosts from the deep

Film crew captures beauty of amazing creatures.

Children valued less than chicks

Shelter claims MPs care more for battery hens than children.

Koala's face extinction in 30 years

Destruction of the marsupial bear's habitat is making numbers dwindle.

Halt this power struggle

Fast tracked nuclear power feeds global warming.

Anjana the chimp helps tiger cubs

Chimp becomes mum after hurricane Hannah creates orphans.

Do you stop at the zoo..?

A group of masked raiders hold up the No18 bus for a late-night snack.

We're turtley devoted to god...with flippers

Hindu's believe turtle is a god.

B-air Bubble

Polar bear blows bubbles.

Time to last!

Spike gets stuck up a tree.

A family freeze frame

Penguin's get close up with a camera.

A hero's return

Bomb sniffing dog is found alive.

I was find £75 for giving ducks bread

Woman gets fined for taking her child to feed the ducks.

It's sink and swim for the autum ducklings

Ducklings are born early.

Residents in fight to save beauty spot

The Metro tram link threatens Droylsden green spot.

There was a young catfish who swallowed a ball... was no fun at all.

Metro Boss: It will be worth it

Phillip Purdy says work to put in the Metro trams 'has to be done'

Family hit out as pet cat is attacked again

Gray the cat has a close shave and Nick Park is nowhere in sight.

Time to bid for cash from trash

Community chest fund available to community groups.

Mischievous Maggie in a hole

Fireman in Droylsden rescue in a dog from a manhole.

Albino rat saved me from justice

Man saved from justice by albino squirrel.

Black message from the big blue

Bit-back campaign calendar illustrates results of over-fishing.

Climate change deal is delayed

Climate summit fails to reach deal.

Britons convicted of pigeon-tossing

Two men convicted of causing cruelty in Poland.

Earth is tinier than you think

People over estimate the size of the planet.

You'll got flat out for this calendar

Man thinks he is being Damien Hurst by making roadkill calendars.

Sinking boat,but I still saved my none puppies

Woman saves her rottweiller pups from a watery grave.

Can science be a pet subject?

Pets are being used to teach science.

Keep-fit for pandas

Chinese pandas fight the flab.

Love at the big cat sanctuary

Volunteers save animals from the black market.

Picnic protest over golf club land sale

Volunteers stage protest at council sell-off of public land.

Secret Garden is a hidden gem

Oaken Clough's MTVCA wildlife garden.

Preserve our green

Hazelhurst residents fight loss of green land.

Eco 'hutbreak'

The Mount eco project goes up in flames.

Ten-year ban for feeding fat dog crisps

John Green of Macclesfield overfeeds Barney.

Such chic chickens

A fowl collection of stars make their modelling debut.

Model gets hot about warming

Helena Christensen warns of global warming effects.

Long horned cattle are driving out the doggers

Highland cattle interfere with outdoor antics.

Blown out of proportion?

Letters about the pros and cons of windfarms.

Winged Wonders

Picture of butterfly wins award.

Did you sea that?

When you live in darkness,3 miles under the waves,things can get ugly.

Hoodies for dogs

Let's hope we don't get canine ASBOs.

Pork Chops

Tiger gets suckling pigs as stand-in cubs.

Are their cockers?

100 volunteers using night vision goggles and thermal imaging gear in 24hr a day search for a spaniel.

Why not fly?

Swans take the boat to wintering grounds.

It's Karma,Chameleon

New species of Chameleon found.

Earth's Destructive Heart

'Earth on Fire' is published.

Farmer saves dog,is hit by a bounder

Man gets attacked by kangaroo for trying to save his dog from being drowned.

He's a ruff diamond

Boris the dog monitors his owners medical condition.

The mother of all squirrels

Mother squirrel saves offspring from marauding puppy.

Zoos issue warning on extinction

Carbon dioxide is a threat to creatures.

Console the meerkats (.mom)

Soft toy stands in for mum meerkat.

Focus on animals in line of fire

WWF exhibition highlights endangered species.

New pet hospital is furry exclusive

The snake that ate itself

Reggie the python swallows his own tail.

Brock stars

Elusive badgers caught on camera after being lured by peanut butter.

Donkey turned into zebra,made to look like an ass

Eid-el-Adah festival leaves donkey taped up.

A joker? No,it's batfish

I'm a Celebrity is cruel to bugs says animal expert

Chris Packham speaks out about TV cruelty.

Sceptics 'will not scupper climate deal'

Some numbers surrouinding the Copenhagen summit.

A flood of seal pups

Torrential rainstorms bring seal pups ashore.

The heat is on these bears

Global warming is killing polar bears.

Summit emits a lot of hot air

Letters about the enironmental summit.

Brake sabotage spree leaves drivers foxed

Foxes have a taste for brake fluid.

After the hamster wheel...

Guinea pig gets a wheelchair.

Boys killed baby deer 'just for fun'

Sick perverts attack bambi.

71-year-old avoids jail over horse sex

Pensioner accused of more than horseplay.

Turkey for Christmas Dinner? Yes,as a guest

Terrence is invited for Xmas dinner.

Warming is a threat to UK wildlife

Global warming maybe upsetting UK ecology.

One way to find chicks

Genetic 'featherprints' used to track penguins.

Is it a bear? Is it a dog? It's a panda

Genes reveal the panda has much in common with dogs.

Just call her claws

Woman finds pensioner lobster.

Eskimo the bullied reindeer had a very painful...

Reindeer has abominal keyhole surgery after peer pressure makes him feel less masculine.

In an octopus's garden in the shade

Octopus is found to use coconuts as protection.

I've just trussed up the bird with a string for Christmas

Sisso the swift takes to the air with the help of string.

A very meery Christmas

Meerkats go crackers.

A roofer? No,a hoofer

Cow climbs onto roof.

Public is still sceptical over climate threat

Large amounts of people do not believe global warming is happening.

Fantastic Miss Fox

Deaf fox cub learns sign language.

Pass a plate round? I'd rather swim with sharks

The rev Baker takes a plunge.

The slimline skunk

Bumble takes a diet.

A-hound the world

Oscar travels the world.

He's my top-dog!

By George,what a mighty mutt

21st Century Kat

Orlov tells us the behind the scenes story.

A whale of a picture

Man kayaks close to whales to get pictures.

Batboat? No,splatboat

Hi-tech protest vessel comes a distant second in bruising clash with whalers.

New cold alert for 2010

More snow and sub-zero temperatures predicted to sweep the country.

Feeling at home Deer?

It's bedded bliss...owners just can't help fawning over Dillie the doe.

Dokkoon gives birth

Asian elephant gives birth in Melbourne.

Cent the Polish pooch bones up on his English

Dog is presumed deaf,but he is Polish!

'Microchip' puppies to stop bad breeding

Pedigree dogs suffer from genetic illness.

Casper's last journey

Road accident sends famous feline commuter to that great stop in the sky.

Fired-up Sooty saves lives

Pet cat saves family from fire.

Ok,now say blaaah


Sumatran Tiger photographed.

New bird raises spotter's pecker

Spectacled Flowerpecker found.

London's swinging cat

He's the liger who enjoys the capitals tourist attractions - from home.

I saved blind dog...thanks to Baywatch

Brickie rescues dog from drowning.

Mugger dolphin goes on the run

What a furry tiny hamster

So,can you speak Panda? In Chinese?

Now here's a challenging job.Teach US-born Mei-Lan a new language.

Unpleasant Pheasant

Neighbours duck for cover as foul-tempered bird stalks their village.

A prickly moment

Leopard bites of more than it can chew in a game of cat and porcupine.

ITV fined over 'I'm a celebrity..' rat kill

RSPCA takes ITV to court for cruelty to rat on TV.

Jungle Boogie

When this cool gang get down from the trees they get funky, lemur style.

I killed six bulls in a day, at 16

Teenage matador Jairo Miguel reaps the rewards of a bloody afternoon.

Ear lies our very talented rabbit

Oolong wears hats.

My bunny's so large we called a medium

Derek Acorah is called to attend spooky large rabbit.

Animals are fired into space in Iranian rocket

Iran commits same atrocity as Russia.

The day I went for a dip with a crocodile

Daredevil diver takes snaps of crocodiles.

The snappy chopper

"Conservationist" uses crocodile skin to adorn motorcycle.

A bearly blonde in a fight

Thought all grizzlies were brown? Here's one that is all white at wrestling.

Hi there,pal

Meerkat's peck on the cheek gives giraffe a lift.

Let's go wild for the next croc hunter

Crikey! Australia may have found its successor to Irwin.

Leaping out of love

Dolphins suffer if made to perform

Dolphins maybe too intelligent for captivity.

Spaniel survives 300ft drop after chasing seagull

Poppy takes a plunge.

PC's depression blamed for death of two dogs

Plod claims he was hounded.

Anti-whaling clash on the high seas

'How to cook a cat' TV chef is banned

TV chef outrages cat lovers.

So fat,I can't reach my nuts

Rotund rodent tackles mission impossible to try to get his daily food.

We must outfox the Tories

Letters about the hunting ban.

Tourists see whale kill trainer at Florida park

Florida whale Tilly is implicated in death of trainer.

She's three as a bird

Youngster Aibhlyn is already ruffling the feathers of the falconry world.

You calling me chicken?

Fox takes on hens.Fox comes of second best. In fact,fox is history...

Killer whale grabbed its trainer by her ponytail

How do you make a gorilla stew?

Tusk force hunts a £43,000 thief

Wildlife officer steals ivory.

Gyrocopter pilot 'sliced hunt man's head open'

Once bittern,twice shy

Bittern on emotional roller coaster to recovery.

At least it wasn't crocs

Holy mackerel - a remote outback village gets battered by living fish.

Climategate professor: I held back information

Prof Phil Jones defends holding back climate data.

Great White Teeth

Diver gets a bit too close to a Great White Shark.

Rocky's cage fight tale has happy end

Rocky the budgie gets caught by the bells.

500 English species have become extinct

Species under threat and extinct.

Tony on a mission to save tiger

The Advertiser's Tony Husband is on a mission to save Tigers.

Dog breeders like Nazis 'creatin master race'

PETA accuses Crufts of creating Frankensteins.

'Free range' eggs scam boss jailed

Free range scammer left with egg on face.

Paco the donkey is a pain in the ass

Violent donkey runs up bills for owner.

Cigarettes 'still being tested on lab animals'

Tobacco companies try and excuse the inexcusable.

Rabbit left charred as hutch is set on fire in cruel attack

My day in the pig city

How a petite porker painted the town red.

A Light In-Flight Bite

Shock as flock of dead birds fall from the sky

Other News

Tweetment for cancer

Areba the parrot has cancer treatment.


Nuthatch admires itself in a pool of water.

Doing it doggy-smile

Living the life of Riley is all smiles.

You bring a board,alpaca wetsuit

Teacher has trained a dog to surf but his latest challenge is more Peru-less.

Where the horse is for courses...

Horsemeat is back on the menu.

Rabbit left charred as hutch is set on fire in cruel attack

Cruel attack leaves rabbit afraid of humans.

Visitors go nuts over squirrel sculpture

Thompson Dagnall creates a giant squirrel.

Great-gran is tagged for selling goldfish to boy

Pet shop owners given curfew for animal maltreatment.

Love Nest

Loyal stork returns home.

Grub gave me a funny tern

Dishing out some truth

Jonathan Safran Froer was shocked to discover where his food came from.

Is sustainability on the menu?

Eating and sustaining the environment IS possible.

Novel twist on naming 10 puppies

Puppies are named after authors.

Animals up for arktion

Animals go under the hammer.

Killer seals move in for close-up

Steve Jones gets close to Leopard seals.

Hammering for sharks

Lack of protection for sharks causes uproar.

Orlov this Daffodil

Meerkat finds the smell of spring "seemples"

End of the line for rider Ratty

Ratty takes his final bus journey.

Now every dog can have its DNA

A DIY test sniffs out your pets ancestry.

Ewe and I can wave by-bye to the baaber

Exlana sheep shear themselves.

The owl that's too chicken to fly

Troy is too frightened to go too high.

Playtime with gentle giants

Whales show they are 57-tonne softies.

Got it licked

Royal mail puts animals on stamps.

Spot the unusual pony

Polka-dotted foal stands out from the crowd.

Make it Snappy

Butterfly dices with death on the business end of a Caiman.

Open for monkey business

London Zoo opens a rain forest.

What's the buzz?

Bees decide to hang themselves out to dry.

The fish that just ran trout of luck...

Osprey gets the better of a trout.

Flying Squirrel nursed back to health

Charles gets human help after being plucked from a tree by a bird.

I just can't bear clingy children

Polar bear cub demonstrates "velcro paws".

Toxic rubbish patch blights the Atlantic

Beaches are suffering from man-made waste.

Is your bunny bugged? Call out the hopnotist

Cliff Penrose the rabbit whisperer.

Now that's life in the fast lane

Marmot makes home in a motorway pothole.

Big buzz over 'bees the size of mice'

Queen bees cause scaremongering.

Flying nearer the sun

Solar Impulse takes off using no fuel.

British team finds a new ocean abyss

British scientists find black smoker.

Premium cheese is udderly sweet

Farmers make 'creme de la creme' cheese.

Climate team did not change weather data

'Emailgate' scientists are cleared of wrongdoing.

Zoo invests in future

Bristol Zoo takes on 88 snails.

You nose your enemy

Microscopic photographs show pollen grains.

Duck's stable upbringing

Horse helps rears ducklings.

The best photos naturally

40 natural pictures are auctioned.

A Ninja slug which fires love darts

New species found in 'irreplaceable rainforest'.

Squirrels that really bug you...

A bizarre artwork stuffed with rodents and fairies made from insects.

Chimpanzees 'grieve for their dead like humans'

Two studies show chimps mourn for dead.

Black and white van man

Vincent the badger loses an ear.

BBC forced ASBO swan to 'attack'

The one show film crew 'provoked' notorious swan for the cameras.

Beekeper is killed by his own swarm

Chris Weaver is tung to death.

Earth's poles lose 1.5 million in icebergs every year

Earth is getting warmer.

Unearthed:Worm not seen for last 20 years

Rare worm is found.

Wildlife shows 'breach animals' privacy rights'

Academic claims documentaries invade privacy.

One frog you don't want to get in your throat

Captive breeding aids posion frogs.

Can-tastic Mr Fox

Fox cub is freed from watering can.

Bear with a sore head

Bear finds tree is a crowd.

End climate change 'lies' Nobel scientists demand

Nobel scientists sick of attacks on data.

It's an ocean colour scene

Van Gogh's Sunflowers evoked by anenomes.

High security for most precious Lady in Britain

Lady's slipper orchid gets high security protection.

For help dial nine neigh nine

Horse being used as an ambulance.

Bear chest? No,Vlad's on a bear quest

Russian premier tags a polar bear in his latest 'Action Man' challenge.

She can't bear to be parted...

Worried mother takes the one-root approach.

A tough nut to crack

A battle of hawk vs squirrel.

Saved by a swig of Lucas aid

German Shepherd is full of fizz.


Photographer risks life and limb to getting stunning portraits.

The caws of cancer

Thieving crows...they are a pain in the butt.

Pub screens big hatch on TV

Boozing pub mates watch birds on TV.

You nose it's mine

Jackal and vulture fight over dinner.

Children 'do not fear for animals'

Report shows kids don't care about animals.

China opposed the Tiger trade

Chinese embassy indicates that it does not want trade in tigers to continue.

It really is a dog's life

London's parlour to help your pampered pooches shed their puppy fat.

I'm not a tabby cat but I'm a scabby cat...

Animals with faces only nature loves.

Foxed by the argument

Letters on the foxhunting debate.

A swarm day for bees on a scooter

Bees set up home in a motoribike.

Firefighters untangle stranded stag

Fireman remove stag from rope swing.

He nose he's a rare breed

Rare breeds found in Foja Mountains.

Movie star in the slimelight

Snail takes the red carpet at Cannes.

£83,000 loan refused - over weed in the garden

Man loses second mortgage over knotweed.

Taken on home soil

Competition shows you don't need to go far to get amazing wildlife shots.

Where eagles dare to baldly go

Bald eagle goes AWOL.

Talon spotting for beginners

Golden Eagle snapped in Spain.

Dolphin clicks help me 'see' says blind Jamie

Blind boy uses echo location to see.

Put a little sting into your summer

Hymenoptera facts.

From whales,with love

Kiss of a giant for amazed tourists.

They're under starters vs horse

Bets are on as man takes on horse in race.

Just waddya think you are,a bearoplane?

A wayward bear cub that went up a black bear...and came down a black and blue bear.

Toucan play at that

A classic game of skill gets an avian adaptation.

Twin babies are 'mauled by fox'

Controversy of babies apparently attacked by fox.

Diesel runs on Jumbo

Ghandi's elephant used as biofuel.

Oi! Get your own cake

Orang attempts to have his cake and eat it.

The wild and the beautiful

Photography show features dramatic shots from all seven continents.

A cloned calf? No bull...

Cloning bulls for the fighting ring????

Attack fox was cub

Police took photo of animal at house.

Sanctuary tortoises are rebranded 'wild animals'

Cornish sanctuary faces licence fees for being a zoo.


The festival boots that charge your phone whilst you dance.

Recession slashes CO2 emissions

CO2 reductions due to financial crisis.

Villagers live in fear of dive-bombing buzzard

RSPB advises humane tactics to ward off attacks.

Chewed up post turns into Puppy Maché

Toby locks his jaws together.

Henry the cow is just an udder child to us...

Farmer blurs the boundary between pet and food.

The dog who eats cats

Five ornaments come back to haunt Snowy the Terrier after she scoffed them.

The owl and the pussycat

Indu the tigress doesn't make a meal of the owlet that drops in for a visit.

Tiger carcass 'found in animal dealers freezer'

Matador without any bulls

Coward matador makes a run from a bull.

Why it was a smart idea to eat crocs and hippos

Let's play snap


Bumble bees fitted with radio transmitters.

Newborn chick sucks up to Dyson the dog

Chick imprints on a German Shepherd.

Yolk hero lays it again

Harriet the hen lays outsize eggs.

Crazy knut is world's first bipolar bear

Knut the polar bear is going crazy through being confined.

An odd feller lops tree for a better view

Trees are cut by axeman who wants a view.

Beware of the birds

Mail deliveries disrupted as gangs of seagulls go postal on postie.

'Tarantula sunrise' is cocktail with bite

Tarantula's victims of Cambodian ignorance.

Scorpions,wallabies and Aardvarks invade Britain

'Non-indigenous' species rise in number.

Oil spill is not our fault

Letters on the BP Oil spill.

Vulture visits Welsh Estate

Vulture drops in to South Wales.

Much loved bird is close to death

25 year old Osprey is on last legs.

Meet the world's first 'bionic' cat

Oscar may have lost a life but he has gained two ground - breaking paws.

Other News | Photo News

Jelly Dangerous

Warning as sea monster comes to British waters.

Rude parrot just f***s off

Thats 'flies' off.

I brought in a dog to protect my kitty


We're just mousing about on the ocean

Meet the radical rodents with their own surfboards,beach hut...and style.

Ouch! Can you kiss it better...?

It's Scuba Dooby Doo

Boniface the Dachshund goes diving.

I got a cool new pair of craners

Crane gets shoes.

School shuts 'bird killer' wind turbine

Dorset wind machine kills14 birds in 6 months.

Peregrine falcon dies taking first flight in Manchester

Manchester falcon fatality and Devon fancier calls for cull.

Pembrokeshire badger cull order may be amended

Badger trust disputes that a cull would affect Bovine TB.

He can bear-ly believe it now

Monti the brown bear finds freedom.

The eight-legged oracle

Paul the octopus is predicting football results.

Stranger on the shore

Portugese crab in UK waters.

A (sun) light aircraft

Solar powered plane flies through the night to set new world record.

Feed sheep curry spice to cut gas

The race that bulls always lose

Once again the bull run shows Spaniards have not met the modern age.

Scientists cleared in 'Climategate' affair

4 Legs and a cool head in the midst of 7/7 chaos

Tom the guide dog gets praise.

Alfie's home at long last

Cat is back home after 3 months.

Drunk and Disorderly

Madhuri has enough room to swing a lizard.

Dolphin feels flipping fine thanks to dialysis

Dottie gets kidney stones removed.

Our pug ate the patio

Alfie leads owner up the garden path.

Holy Cow!

Police 'humanely' shoot cow 8 times.

Scientists finally crack chicken and egg riddle

Protein OC-17 is found to be critical in making shells.

£1,500 fine over a dead squirrel

Window cleaner pays the price for breaking the law.

RSPCA hotline 'flooded with TV ad moans'

RSPCA inundated with complaints for ASA.

Spidery Handwriting

Eight -egged silken scripter tries to communicate.

High flying donkey in a ride of terror

Russians show how they care for animals.

Mother and son in court for drowning hamster

Hamster drowned through ignorance.

Pupil's pedigree chum

He may have been a useless racer but Batman is a real teachers pet.

A Hare Racing Moment

Ginny the greyhound chases live hare - and then finishes race.

£3,000 lets dog walk tall at last

Facebook users pay for surgery to help greyhound born with bow legs.

He lost his bearings

Brown bear takes over the steering wheel of a Toyota Corolla.

Macaws get a break

Spinx's Macaw in danger of extinction.

Mother bear and the pink panda

 A spin wash

Mother emptying a laundry load is greeted by 5ft snake.

You've seen Top behold Ray Gun!

Manta rays take to the air like Seaview's mini sub.

The Proof:Global Warming IS real

Met Office uses 10 key indicators.

Bullfighting is banned in Catalonia

Spain takes step in right direction.

Supermarket backs squirrel meat sales amid protest

Budgens uses grey squirrel as food source.

Toxic Fumes Kill Panda At Chinese Zoo

Panda Quanquan dies from inhalation.

Compare the muskrat with the meerkat

Latest meerkat ad features bad boy muskrat.

He really should be up before the beak

Unlucky in love or a murderous swan?

I'm jaws,your mine

Shark is deeply attracted to diver

Wonders of the Deep

Paul aims for a top-tentacle hit

Paul becomes Elvis impersonator.

Buzz of the job sends cameraman flying for cover

Hornets nest disturbed.

Sighting of the Century

Purple Gallinule seen in Flintshire.

Two clone bulls eaten

Second animal born from US embryos entered food chain in May

Sorry,we ran out of fish yesterday

British waters are overfished.

Toad teams search for golden oldie

Search is on for missing amphibians

Wet and wily fox cub wants to lilo for a bit

Fox cub takes a liking to inflatable pool.

Burma's giant 'lucky charm'

Albino elephant is good luck charm.

Celebrity culture is aped in chimps

Chimps have role models.

Chimpanzee armies go to war on rivals

Man is not the only warmongering beast.

Bear bit woman as she slept

Woman plays dead to escape bear.

I escaped from polar bear jaws

Polar bear killed after attacking explorer.

Peregrines costing us Songbirds

Marie Clements suggests Peregrines are affecting songbird population.

Halal-only school meals plan sparks parent anger

Harrow council is in hot water by trying to be politically correct.

No parking (unless you are a dead hedgehog...)

Council paint parking lines over roadkill.

I drowned a squirrel so sue me

Man challenges RSPCA over the law.

The birth went swimmingly

Blue gives birth to a son.

Safety is such a crashing boar

Germans build fake boar to crash into.

Bull jumps into stands at bullring in Spain

Bull rampage incident opens up divide over tradition versus animal rights.

Sharp-eyed cleaner foils falcon thief

Former soldier is found with 14 Peregrine eggs.

Just grill and bear it

'Bear grills' takes an impromptu drive to the vets.

Surfer is mauled to death by a shark

Mick Edwards buys the farm.

RSPCA nab squirrel cull campaigner

RSPCA bring charges against Norris Athhey.

Father saves child from zoo bear attack

Dutch toddler falls into German Bear's moat.

Paul the Octopus backs England 2018 bid

Pauls becomes sports ambassador.

Liner kills two whales in one year

Sapphire Princess in accidental tragedies.

Woman caught on CCTV dumping cat in bin

Facebook campaign starts after Mary Bale caught dumping cat in bin.

Bee world is buzzing over planet saver

Ron Hoskins is engineering bees to rid themselves of parasites.

All part of the food chain

Marie Clements gets rebuked for her claims about Peregrines.

Urban fox mauls kitten in bedroom

Foxes take ever increasing desperate measures to survive after man destroys habitats.

The kitty-litter cat's revenge

Coventry radio station spoofs up revenge for Lola using Sylvester cat suit.

It's one smitten kitten

Monkey takes kitten in as pet.

Taste comes a paw second

Manhattan socialites dress up cats.

Last night a psychic DJ saved my (cat's) life

Metro reader posits rational explanation to feline's psychic return.

Frogskin could beat superbug

Secretions from frogs may help MRSA.

Look at these snaps from my holiday

How you could get close up and personal with reptile star of Crocodile Dundee.

Lucky dormice get their own high-way

How did the rodent cross the road? On a £190,000 bridge,of course...

A tiny portion for me

The miniature vegetables that are having a growing impact on chefs.

It's fun just lion around

Orang Utan befriends lion cubs.

It's a dog's life for a pig

Patrick the pig goes for walks with the dog.

Student vet faces £95,000 fees for degree

Pure evil or sick joke?

Internet reports girl drowning puppies.

I'm the king of the bingers

Sumo Simian ordered to lose her jelly belly.

UN climate change body 'must be overhauled'

Time to go solar

Metro correspondent puts mouth in gear before engaging brain over solar power.

Kick-boxing dragon that walked the Earth

Velociraptor-type creature roamed Romania.

Dragons dumped in the New Forest

3 of 5 beared dragons survive being dumped in plastic bag.

The first bigfoot

Fossilised reptile footprints date back 318 million years.

Out of the jaws of death

Seal makes a bid for freedom from Great White.

Big Blubber House

Huge whale skeleton goes on display.

The amazing budgie bomb

Hungry seagulll drops live budgie on head of bemused chip-muncher.

Who's a scary boy then

Hero parrot made shop-raiders take flight when they rattled his cage.

I'm yoga bear

Santra does yoga.

Thick shake? More like a sick snake...

A python gets wrestled in McDonald's car park.

Police 'must do more to protect wild birds'

RSPB calls for help to protect birds.

What's bugging you?

Photographer gets up close and personal with some creepy crawlies.

Tribal elder on mission to save earth

'Lost tribesman' lectures West on global warming.

Sainsbury's faces court rap over it's packaging

Sainsbury's in court over excess packaging.

It's rockhopper and roll

Ricky the penguin has recorded his debut.

Animals set tongues wagging

All creatures great and small.

My £14,000 cat rescue

Holidaymaker brings home cats.

Mass fish deaths...but oil not to blame

Mass death is natural phenomenon.

Don't have a cow man

Cornish DJ decides cow is a polar bear.

At 22,Billy is world's oldest dog

Yorkshire terrier in record books.

He's learning the ropes

Climbing instructors help baby coatimundi conquer fear of heights.

Vanishing plants are a threat to life on Earth

A fifth of plants are under threat from human activities.

Rare hippo in the pink

Shy animal snapped by Brit brothers.

Largest windarm in world switched on

UK hosts largest windarm at sea.

Central heating gives cuckoos a flying start

Pre-heated eggs gives cuckoos the edge.

Run,rabbit,run...the eagle has landed

A hi-rise view of life

Squirrel nests in Big Apple window box.

Humpback makes waves

Sea canoeist almost misses a breaching.

The art of the ham-stand

Born with two legs,the pig that learned to walk on its forelegs.

Pedro,the giant red penguin of peru

A giant red penguin that waddled the earth 30 million years ago is discovered by scientists.

Street invaded by green fang spiders

Essex plays host to Segestria Florentinas.

6,000 new species are found in ocean

Poll of the oceans shows up losses and additions.

First homes cook with sewage gas

Didcot gets gas from biomethane.

Grey water solution to hot Britain

Untreated water should be used for non-drinking purposes.

Toxic red sludge reaches Danube

'All life extinguished' in Hungarian river.

Egg fried mice is off the menu

Mouse takes swim in sweet & sour sauce.

Animal feed on menu at safari park

Food intended for animals goes to visitors.

Other News | Photo News

Greedy humans need an extra half an Earth

The world is not enough.

No ban on imports

Metro reader talks sense about edible dormice.

PM is no friend of the Earth

PM accused of empty rhetoric.

I'm a doggleganger

Human  and pet lookalikes.

Humpback's whale of a trip for a know

Humpback travels for fertile breeding grounds.

Wild,beautiful and British too

Off to a wetter place

Pigeon gets swallowed by pelican.

Wheelie bin cat woman is fined £250 for cruelty

Mary Bale gets fined.

Cat microwaved,spun and frozen

Colin Sherlock tortures cat.

Horror house dog breeder faces prison

Wendy Hutcheson exploits dogs.

2 men jailed over bird poison deaths

Terrance Webb and Mark Page get jail.

Now the fur will really fly

Monkey takes rides on a macaw.

Along came 3,000 spiders

Fen Raft spiders re-introduced to wild.

A deaf dog and his sign language

Zippy passes test despite deafness.

Crocodile caused crash that killed British pilot

Chris Wilson dies from escaped croc.

Life,death and wild behaviour

Bees solve travelling salesman problem

Bees use maths to find shortest paths.

Nurse Mumsy's animal rights reign of terror

Animal rights protesters get jailed.

UK's biggest beast has been killed

Majestic Emperor is victim of trophy hunters.

Happy Hippo!

Otis puts on a smile for the camera.

Wasp expert is busy as a bee

David Baldock identifies 242 species.

What's for dinner? What's in the road...

Degree course suggests consuming roadkill.

Teenager boasted about beating cat to death

Thug gets caught on Facebook.

He's king of the swimmers

Lion cubs get swimming lessons.

Foxes on the increase

David Groves reports on foxes in Denton.

The cats with a goat illness

Youtube hit is actually tragic story.

Pawtraits of canines on camera

Dogs book of portraits goes on sale.

Huge wave generator lost at sea

Recycling...something the Romans did for us

Even a Dolphin needs to learn to catch fish

They're so cute,it hurts

Book of newborn animals promises 'adorableness' and headaches.

Virgin snake has babies

3 across:Waterbird with long bill (7) letters

Mr Ellis gets help with his puzzle.

S-s-s-s-snuffed it

Fluffy,the longest snake in captivity,dies.

Spider hunt ends with flash in the pan

Man nearly blows himself up chasing spider.

Rude? I've got arthritis

Jackson the mandrill gives the finger.

Who 's chasing who?

Musti the cat sets the record straight on foxes attacking cats.

Cheating death by a whisker

Rats trained to detect explosives.

Lightning bolt kills ITV's star giraffe

Hamley,star of 'Wild at Heart' dies.

A purrfect house for cats on the prowl

Couple create feline paradise in the house.

The helpful hippo

Gentle giant pushes boat out to save drowning young.

Think your nights our are wild?

Masai Mara's finests seen as never before after sundown.

This is how the cat go the cream...without getting messy

Cats exploit fluid dynamics to lap liquids.

The owl and the pussycat

Meet the bird of prey and the kitten who really are the best of friends.

Flippin' 'eck we can speak bottlenose

Scientists use hoops,balls - and an ipad - to compile a dolphin dictionary.

Don't snap at me

Feisty feline faces down one alligator...and then dispatches another.

Killed by a crossed line

Stag dies after getting caught up in discarded wires during rutting season.

The great escape - using elephants

Yes,it's a piggy bank

Man disrespects animals yet again by using real pig to hold coins.

Posh pigsty that made his neighbours squeal

Justin Davies tries to do right by his pigs.

So that's how a ptero-soared...

Huge reptiles were said to be too big to take off...but did they vault into the sky?

Mean,green and lean

Who said electric cars were boring and slow?

Say I used to be a car tyre I dare you

Artist uses old car tyres to make animals.

This fashion trend is really growing

Designer creates recyclable clothes.

F1 technology helped me recover from neck break

Racing car technology helps horse rider.

Sick thugs blow off dogs tail

Terrier Meanie is attacked by yobs with fireworks.

This dove is in love with me...Help!

Schoolgirl gets a new best feathered friend who refuses to fly the coop.

Animal shelter marks 150 years

Battersea marks anniversary.

Two heads are better than one

Animals that show the genetic trait of having two independent heads.

White cliffs of Norfolk

Record reef is 32km long.

So long,Tiny - now Samson is top dog

New dog becomes biggest..

Big issue conman sold my dog at Tesco for £20

Hare today...and for a long time to come

Hare finds a home after run-in with harvester.

Other News | Photo News

Sea shepherd bares new set of teeth

Whaling activists call vessell Godzilla..

Shark bites tourists at dive resort

It's a cat.Er,it's fat

Nothing else...but it's a hit on the internet.

£21 a cube: It's an ice little earner

Arctic ice being sold due to rarity.

Andrex puppy rolls over

Digital makeover sees new tricks performed with young dog.

By the 7th day of Christmas I was broke

True love just got more expensive.

Nutkin wrong with this

Squirrel photo is top shot.

Smiling again...thanks to a BFG

Grief stricken girl learns to love life,with a little help from an elephant.

Cute...but these pigs are not toys

Micropigs are not just for Xmas.

'Tis the season to take photos

Bird's head for heights

Squeaky heads home.

School meals menu serves up croc steak

School educates kids to eat species that need conserving.

Ops gas is 'as harmful as 1m cars'

Medical operation gases could be causing more atmospheric damage than cars.

Panda-ing to the cubs

Scientists dress in costumes to help young ones get ready for wild life.

Owner risks life to save her dog

Woman braves icy waters to save pet.

Snakes on a a flying squirrel

Flyers hand luggage contains menagerie.

Diplomat's son ' having a bad day' punched puppy

Poppy the labrador gets beaten because student is turned down for job.

Natural prawn killers

Creature that can stun with sting as deadly as a bullet found in Britain.

Terrible Hairy Fly found

Hairy Fly with "face for radio" looks like a spider.

The photocall of the wild at heart

Single shark linked to 3 Red Sea attacks

Fire started by rat smoking in his bed

No-name the rat almost burns house down.

Vital witness squawks to crack case of neglect

Parrot gives vital clue to scene of crime.

Squid out of the blue

Foreign invaders cost £1.6 billion to control

We must embrace "pests" say Animal Aid.

Didn't I put you off beekeeping,honey?

Nine year old becomes youngest beekeeper.

Where wild eagles dare

Photographer captures eagles battling over carrion on film.

PI to ruffle feathers of bird killers

Budgie breeder hires PI to find thief.

3D movie beckons for the 3D kings of the south

King Penguins get the 3D treatment.

The singing mouse

Are they taking the Mickey or does this animal sound like a bird?

When it comes to the toys she's top dog

The border collie who is smarter than a 3 yr old child.

Mystery over mass death of birds and fish

Birds and fish drop dead.

Snakes warning in flood hit Oz

Aussies warned of snake threat.

Cold feet? No chance

'Magical' snakes are married.

Lost cat plea got me purrsecuted

Council jobsworths try to fine man for trying to find his cat.

Disabled owner who is just working the dog

Sandie is a lifeline.

Just take a gander at how they've rebilled me

Garcia the goose gets a reconstructed bill.

It's angling for trouble

'Noodlers' use arms as bait to catch catfish.

Caught on film,the cruelty of a turkey worker

Bernard Matthews workers caught hitting turkeys.

We've bin clever

Eco family produce nearly no rubbish.

Why this picture's a window on past

Waxwings make the national news.

Global crisis or just hot air?

The metro surveys thoughts on global warming.

Seal-ly tired after flippin' hard swim

Seal pup makes arduous journey.

And winner of the Dafta? Paul the psychic octopus

'Psychic' gets DAFTA award.

Donkey is ass old as he feels

Eeyore could be oldest donkey on planet.

We have 28 rats - and we love 'em

Riley still highly smiley

Riley the dog still all smiles.

Blink and you will miss 250 of these

Wildlife photographer uses super-fast flashes to capture images which are far too fast for the naked eye.

Divers banned from Thai reefs

Thailand protects coral reefs.

Riddle over cat death

Rachel Huckle's cat Ferdinand found mutilated.

The art of shooting bears

Photographer gets up close to predators.

Green vandals hit 'Chelsea tractors'

Climate change activists target 4x4 numberplates.

Poachers cash in on venison trend

Venison on the menu leads to deer poaching.

New parents seeing green

With the government tree sell-off on the cards, parents see green.

Husky racing - without the snow

After deluges of snow - Huskies do without.

A new home for trapped ponies

RSPCA horses find new homes.

Welcome weeds: How alien invasion could save the Earth

New Scientist reports on how invasive species may not be the evil demons they are thought to be.

Animal ban for 'callous' hi-rise kitten killer,19

Kitten killer gets joke sentence.

Forest plan doesn't add up

Letters angry at government plans.

I do struggle with these long lunches

Burrowing owl makes long work of frogs legs.

Rocky's picture show

Escaped racoon caught on camera sneaking round a garden in Hampshire

On the pollution trail

African snails used to monitor pollution.

Recycling means we save 40% of rubbish

Recycling statistics.

Thank bees for orchids' diversity

Orchids owe their enormous variety to the bees and other insects that pollinate them.

Bees follow polarised light through a maze

Bees navigate by the sun - so how do they manage when it's cloudy?

Farm staff caught abusing ducks

Hall Farm finds it has inhumans working for it.

This our pawdling pool

But no children were harmed...

Stop the Corvid Cull

The Songbird Survival Trust is trying to kill crows

The rare twitch project

Briton quits £90,000-a-ayear job for a 2,000km flight of global fancy.

Engine's running ruff

Donald the dog survives drive along dual carriageway stuck to car grille.

Parrot call proves to be false alarm

Sammi the grey parrot mimics smoke alarm.

Harry need not apply...

Charlie loses ears and nose to cancer.

Hooray up she rises

Elephant needs help getting up.

Beetle hides out in Robin Hood forest

Hazel pot beetle found in Sherwood.

Are you lookin' at me?

Incredible close-up images give a bugs eye view of the world.

Watch the birdie,it's dying out

Bird species in jeopardy of becoming extinct.

The word on the tweet is...

Nearly 500 twitchers queue to glimpse a dove in a garden - after paying a £5 fee.

Online,the cat lost 4 years ago

Thomas appears online,after owners lose hope.

This cat conquers his floors

Twinkle survives on condensation.

I was saved from Tiger by my souper wife

Wife takes ladle to tiger to save husband.

Moorland ponies 'are left to die'

Ponies left to die on Bodmin moor.

Jaw-dropping images ofthe smiling gators

Photographer gets perilously close to alligators.

Claw blimey,that's a catch...

Giant spider crab caught.

'Devil dogs' force way into home and kill pet

Pet dog Mika suffers fatal attack.

In you,I see Oscar glory

Heidi the cross-eyed opposum predicts Oscar winners.

Cat's thumbelievable

Jimmy gives Youtube the thumbs-up.

Our mighty mog has lion's roar

Smokey has 92 decibel purr.

This fox is a euro top dog

Fox evicted from the Shard.

Frogs legs...and the rest,please

Whipsnake swallows frog.

Okay if we hang around?

When a bat's life is turned upside down,it needs a pair of helping hands.

Keep away warning as 45ft whale is beached

Sperm whale washes ashore in Kent.

Hens get stresssed when chicks feathers ruffled

Research shows hens have 'human' attributes.

One man and his frogs

Photographer poses acrobatic frogs.

My pets on cloud ca-nine

Terrier takes to the air in paraglider.

Tiger kills lion in Turkish zoo

Bengal tiger kills lion at Ankara.

The really hairy biker hits the road

Norman the dog rides a scooter.

Water catastrophe!

Environment Agency creates flood pictures.

Mike mad at bird bully

Mike Tyson loves pigeons.

Prisoners go to war over rival budgies

Who's a tad happy?

Tadpole 'smiles' for photo.

Water turbines power up to 5,000 island homes

Scotland's West coast gets water turbine project.

Now which one's Geri?

Guinea pigs named after spice girls.

It's been a dog's life for Arthur

Last meal for bank robber pet.

Fans mourn Knut after his mysterious death

Berlin zoo polar bear dies.

Don't worry it'll crow back

One-legged  crow Percy is found.

Other News | Photo News

Wings beneath my wings

Twitchers pen amazing drawings of birds while using toilets on island.

Elephant star 'given shocks and beaten'

Film elephant suffered abuse say activists.

You'll have to wait allot for a garden plot

40 year waiting list for allotments.

Whales meet to make 'net' gains

Watching a birdie gave me top snap

Wildlife photographer sees mortal combat.

Birds flock back after hard winter

Bird figures improve.

Fantastic surrograte Mrs Fox

Farmer uses toy as surrogate mother.

Hoppy in her work

ME sufferer snaps frogs in her living room.

Just adder dance

My drunken fight - with a 4ft crocodile

Plan Bee:Honey is a superbug buster  

Honey may beat superbugs.

Suits roo sir..Irwin gets smart

Kangaroo prefers the finer things in life.

A bee in my bonnet

VW is victim of swarm.

Ramsay in bother over hearty meal

Gordon has his heart in his mouth.

So,exactly who are you calling bird brain?

Magpie picks student's face out of a crowd.

I'm in the pink,thanks fur asking

Red cats found.

I nose Mr Fox is round here somewhere...but where?

Hound needs to go to specsavers.

Is this ticket foal fare?

Horse tries to go on train ride.

Sun-loving wallaby has Lyme Regis on the hop

Wallaby goes walkabout.

Back in rat pack after a century

Rare rat shows his face.

Rare hog has no pig-ment

Albino hedgehog Snowball.

It's a wondervole life

Don't be put off by the chubby faces...these rodents are seriously fit.

Gecko there in a jiffy

Gecko goes for ride in postal system.

Harvest a vehicle for the future

Car is made out of bamboo.

Fruits to fuel new area of 'exotic' cars

Blind terrier searching for new leash of life

Blind Zak& friend Lillie find a home.

Reprieve for prize death row bull

Deadly National 'must be banned'

Animal Welfare groups call for ban on race.

Herd the one about....

Milton Jones performs comedy to a field of cows.

Charity's birthday party for animals

WWF celebrates 50 years in conservation.

Sick whales helped by caring pod as they die

Pilot whales beach off coast of Scotland.

Skateboarder dog fined

Britain's got talent dog, Bodhi is public menace.

Is this MobyDick-tation

Scientists crack code that lets Sperm whales 'speak'.

Watership Hound

Labrador takes on rabbits as puppies.

New creatures great and small

Newly discovered species.

Hitler's Luftwoofer

Nazi leader trained top dogs to train as spies in the Furred Reich.

Nuclear waste site plan gets go-ahead

Eric Pickles enrages occupants of Kings Cliffe.

Nuclear know-how

What should happen and what did happen.

Do you nose where this skunk is?

Phoebe the skunk goes missing.

Hive of activity

Bees do better in town.

I help toads cross the road

It's the bugs bunny dino...

Buck-toothed dinosaur found

There's lots of life in the deep freeze

I'm border my collie!

Owner tries to get rid of Bob 'the worst dog you are ever likely to meet'

Britain urged to scrap nuclear power plans

Angela Merkel to shut down German power stations by 2022.

Mother nature worth £50 billion to Britain

There's only one fin sharks like...AC /DC

Meet Max,my 2-tonne little rhino

Girl makes friends with white rhino.

Final result:Swan nil

Goose and gander to the rescue when attacker tries to steal their baby.

There is no place like cone for nesting birds

Great tits set up home in a traffic cone.

First time mother at the age of 90

T3 gives birth at 90 years old.

So who's that lion on top of our bed?

Storm takes it easy at home.

Theo's a wonder dog who won't fall asleep on the job

Last chance to see...615 new species

Madagascan species could sink shortly after discovery.

Nicked 'cos she picked (well, very nearly)

Police accused of heavy handedness after threatening children for pulling up daffodils.

Let's stretch then workout with the gympanzee

Chimpanzee works out.

Trunken Rampage

Elephants rampage in India.

Goose-stepping out

Goose gets sandals.

Battle of the bird-brains ends in a draw

Parrot and crow prove their intelligence

Crocodiles found in Croydon house

Save our seascapes

D-Day veterans fight wind farm

Normandy soldiers want to preserve landing site.

Amazon crisis as loggers axe the rainforest

Area twice the size of Birmingham is destroyed.

Britain sees 3 radiation spills at nuclear plants

Record decline in Arctic Ozone layer

UN says Ozone hole is worse.

Museum exhibit is flutterly lovely...

Raw sewage is a foul-up

Medlock river fouled up by wrong pipe.

Young 'need advice on plucking'

Countryman's bible claims youths need to know how to destroy animals.

Keeper used live bait to catch hawks

Gamekeeper prosecuted for illegally catching hawks on National Trust land..

Jaws style shark attack in Cornwall

Oceanic white-tip attacks boats.

Smelly green invader threatens China coast

Algae threatens marine life.

The great fright shark

Jaw dropping moment as two divers rescue man-eater snagged on air tank.

He's a hoodie menace

English bulldog likes to dress up as a devil dog or Count Dracula.

Even Lizards have a heart

Lizards show some romance.

Marine life could soon 'die on a massive scale'

Catastrophic decline predicted.

Er,which way is Antarctica

Penguin comes ashore in New Zealand.

Cheeky monkey steals camera

Photographer drivern bananas as macaques steal his gear and snap away.

I'm so scared of ewe

He's a much-loved sheepdog,but there is one tiny problem with his work.

Pip's cream of the strop

UK's grumpiest cat.

Nuke power's back in fashion despite fears

Wind turbines 'forced couple to move home'

Be fair to Faroes...

60 second interview with Paul Watson prompts letters about Faroe Islands.

Future is Grimm for Rapunzel

Spiked rampion under threat of extinction.

Deadly virus spreading to all our trees

Phytopthora Ramorum spreads from oaks.

A goring way to start the festival

Spaniards once again cause misery to bulls in Pamplona.

Chemistry set for the future

The far east invests in Hydrogen as a fuel.

All homes to have charging point for cars

Salford Council pushes for electric car power points.

Polar bear cousins and Eire bear bunch

Mother of all polar bears thought to have Irish ancestry.

Whales 'do feel pain when they are hunted'

Nimbys blow out half wind turbine plans

Wind turbines impeded by those who don't want them in their back yard.

Eats shoots and ...grieves

Rhesus macaque finds out the hard way that nettles sting.

Drop in for lunch

Pitcher plants found in UK.

TV chefs' victory in ethical fishing fight

Fisherman banned from throwing back excess fish.

Hit the toad,I'm spawn to be wild

Muscly creature is close-up camera star.

Here's lickin' at you kid....

Kalula: Probably the best dog in the world...

A pet that will get your slippers,washing and beer.

All that glitters is not a golden labrador

Has your pet got a nose for jewellry?

Pony drowned by gang in lake

Dog dies after attack by bee swarm

How even bees can suffer from stress

Take a beeline? Not a chance with these bees

He should be behind bars!

Police issue mugshot of rogue hamster.

Dog finds reality bites

Vegas gets booted from the police force for not being nasty enough.

It's a troop of tombstoning macaques.Obviously

Monkeys take life in hands high-diving into feet of water.

I love my high heels

Baby giraffe walks for the first time after special shoes cure deformed feet.

I'm all aflutter to see my butterfly

Girl makes epic trek to find butterfly

Puma crosses America

Animal trekked around woods,lakes and cities - before being hit by car.

Eddie the roo mugs Phyllis in her garden

Rogue kangaroo fights 94 year old.

The windscreen viper

Family's horror as snake emerges from engine and slinks across bonnet.

Pink umbrella to a bull

Joker gored to death in street taunt.

Calm down deer!

Stag locks horns with foe-whose head falls off.

My crocodile dears

Farmer breeds crocs for food.

Monster from Devon

Whale washes ashore on Devon coast.

No-sex ray gives birth to secret 7

Female rays give birth with no male contact for 2years.

'Planet of the Apes' warning on animal tests

Barrier for vivisection becomes blurry.

Chimps are 'altrustic' just like us

Our presumed altruism extends to apes.

 A flash of electricity

Display of eco-friendly supercars aims to smash green motor myths.

Donald Trump blasts wind farm plan near his golf course

Angry birds 'dissing' each other in song

Chirping sparrows are 'swapping insults like rappers'.

Squirrels 'extinct in 20 years'

Eden channel survey lists species in danger of extinction.

I'm a big ol' Essex bird

Beaky the emu is part of the family.

World's moo-st wanted

Yvonne the cow stays hidden 91 days.


Bobcat escapes mountain lion using a cactus.

Watch out for Wasp-zilla

Fearsome insect has massive jaws.

'Angered' elephant kills tourist

It's Vincent van goat

Move over Damien Hirst,there's a new kid on the block.

Heat seeking vampire bats

Tractor yob kills off wild flowers

A return for penguin

'Happy Feet' the penguin returns home.

Sea Aliens

Slimy beings live in freezing water.

Through a fish eye lens

Stunning images of marine life captured in competition.

Our raccoon family

Family plays host to 20 raccoons.

Greedy bloater takes a break from kit-kats

Fish won't eat after diet of kit-kats.

I woke up to find a wild fox sitting on my chest

Paranoid woman scared by tiny fox.

The long waddle home

Happy Feet the penguin makes it home to the Antarctic.

I've been left all alone

Other seals turn their back on albino pup rejected by his family.

A hand-up for panda

Glowing cats help fight against AIDS

Get that off me.NOW

Cats show off headgear.

Pint....put it on my bill

Pet duck is quackers for pub.

Elvis a parrot that barks

My big blubber

Boy swims with whale shark.

Designed by Hobbitat

Eco-home built in 4 months using basic tools.

Smell helps penguins p-p-p-pick up a partner

Snow White saved from Grimm fate

Albino Squirrel taken into care.

So long, and thanks for all the fish

Dolphin Intelligence.

Other News | Photo News

Facebook mourns Heidi the opossum

Cross-eyed creature dies.

A hoppy ending for giant bunny

Thumper finds a home to cope with all 8kg.

Fish die as river turns orange

Daft? No, fish can use tools

We will be extinct if we don't go green

Chris Huhne's speech.

A flockwork orange

A buzz surrounding bees

People are taking up keeping bees.

She's in strictly come dance-fin

Leina dives with a pod she calls 'civilisation'.

Beautifully shot by hawk-eyed bird fan

Fruit-picker calls on ancient court

SSSI causes blackberry-picking issue.

Polly put the shower on

The bird man of Yeovil takes a pair of prized parrots every where he goes.

Young people stumped by tree survey

Under 25s are out of  their tree.

The rhino-sore-ass

Ostrich causes Kai some problems.

Nuts for cornflakes

Rescued squirrel loves tucking into family's cereal.

Officer who let dogs die avoids jail

Animals shrink as Earth warms

Global warming is affecting animal sizes.

Shark hypnosis is just jawsome

This reef shark isn't a prop,it's in a trance.

Bears,lions and wolves escape dead owners zoo

Zoo owner dies,leaving animals to be shot dead.

Wave goodbye to wind turbines

Marine solar cells compete with turbines.

It's a Dulux new home

Octopus uses paint tin lid as hideout.

True beauty in pollution ugly reality

Images of pollution are not a pretty picture.

Poachers kill giant stag

Goodleigh giant is killed.

Life and death in the shrinking wetlands

Life's so otterly,otterly relaxing

Wings can only get better

Eagle gets tangled in parachute.

Sea paradise could be lost

Antarctica under threat.

Yes,I feel a bit of a twit

Owl gets trapped in Halloween webbing.

An iceberg the size of a country begins to form

Antarctica is calving a giant iceberg.

I ain't beaten til I'm eaten

Sardines have trouble avoiding multiple predators.

Wrens just can't help chirping in

Fracking 'likely' root of 2 quakes

Gas shale drilling may have caused quakes

Just in case he goes ape

Yakini is sedated for health check.

Cycle train you pedal yourself

Welsh implement Velorail.

These two are in for a ruff ride on the road...

Harley the St Bernard loves nothing better than going motor-barking.

Come pair the meerkat...with a dog

Man Disa and George are best friends.

The rhusual suspects

A police line-up consists of vegetables.

Pups saved by parrot that piped up in bed

Parrot warns of puppy premature birth.

Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam

Bailey the buffalo is a pet.

Big mother is watching you

Orang-utans display human qualities.

Bananas? They are so last year

Gorilla steals family's carrots.

Rare rhino disappears

Black rhino is presumed extinct.

Court decides killer whale's fate

Whale may go to marine park or the wild.

Greenpeace... 'they're yellow'

Paul Watson on taking anti-hunting action.

What a bright idea! A £1 bulb powered by water

Plastic pop bottles used as light bulbs.

Lucky-the dog that survived 'execution'

Dog survives being put down.

School's out! Flesh eating piranha's hit beach

Global warning as CO2 reaches a record high

The Red Sea

Faroe Islanders once again slaughter pilot whales. [Caution: graphic images]

Monkey's in 'mind control' lab tests

Monkey Markdown

Apes are being sterilised in India because there are too many.

Thought I croaked? I'm back

'Extinct' frog is found.

Incy wincy spider? I'd rather have a tarantula

Sick vandals kill 3 wallabies

We're so glad we took the plunge

British couple give up jobs for their underwater dream.

Lone wolf outfoxes hunters in 1,200 km quest for mate

Wolf designated OR7 is renamed to render sympathy to avoid being killed.

One that didn't get away

Giant catfish buys the farm

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: To spark an international hunt.

Stolen dog is found - riding the no37 bus

Errrm...weta's up doc?

World's largest insect is endangered but does a mean bugs bunny.

Salmon en route - to savefish

Well-wishers build tunnels to help hundreds get upstream in drought-hit river.

The fish that time forgot

A special delivery of Sunshine for Britain

Panda's arrive in Scotland.

Bull market

Bull makes home in Sari shop.

I might be strong but I can only marble at this

Ant loses his marbles.

75% of butterfly species are 'on way out'

Butterfly numbers are rapidly waning.

Dinner date with Jaws...

Close up of the great white shark.

Our last chance to save the Earth

Sir David: We faked film to protect bear

David Attenborough explains why scenes of polar bear were shot in zoo.

New breed found on the menu

New breeds found during 'extinction crisis'.

Never forget your family

Photographer snaps elephant group photos.

Cooee! I want to be like you

Kodiak bear becomes Youtube hit.

Pilot badger cull unveiled for 2012

Ignorant environment secretary plans holocaust.

Forget the catwalk,this is how to be  model

Sloth coach

Sloth takes the bus.

Super Kali is fantastic

Tortoise has 45 hatchlings.

Ray of sunshine in fight against solar grant cuts

Eco warriors fight the grant cuts.

Finding Nemo

Sand sole is undiscovered in tank for 15yrs.

Don't repeal hunting ban,it's just a brutal 'sport'

Letters about the hunting law.

Seen for the first time,the devils in the deep blue sea

Deep sea vents harbour life.

A world beneath our feet

Macro camera reveals insect's secret lives.

Wet and wild beauty

A naughty ramraider

Resourceful Randy romances dozens of ewes in 24hr love fest.

Orphaned by poachers but saved by love

Three activists held aboard whaling ship

Bamboo-zle your beau!

Panda loses dignity pulling a mate.

A£600 bionic leg? It must be my clucky day

Chicken gets bionic leg.

Ape minds think alike

Matilda,the snake,named after a girl of 5,waltzes in

Found - the world's tiniest invertebrate

Frog that can turn on a dime found.

Cold snaps that warm your heart

Happy feet pose for the camera.

Spiderweb that's cast by worms

Attempts to mimic spider web.

Help me,I'm stuck on a meowtorway

Cat is freed from M4 sign.

Plain brown bird that is anything but ordinary....

Spanish sparrow turns up in Hampshire.

Beyoncé's booty has the insect world a buzz

Yelp the aged - Lucy earns a world record

Blazing saddles that rein in Spain

Spaniards force horses through flames.

20,000 new species come out of hiding

Do bees face a sticky end?

Experts identify soldier bees for the first time.

Greens hail victory in solar panel subsidy war

Government loses bid to cut subsidies.

It's getting warmer,Inuit?

Pictures show life in arctic dying off.

Inside the Box

Keith Watson reports on the fate of the Slow Loris.

Hands off my lunch,I am an alli-cat!

Moggy beats alligator in tussle over tasty snack.

Don't laugh at meowtfits

Sphynx cats get designer makeovers.

There's a time and a place to go bananas

Monkey goes ape.

Team Marley called in to rescue cliff dog

16 people save dog.

Spider sex enough to give you willies

Bizarre spider mating habits.

Don't call me a shrimp...Up close with prawnzilla

Giant crustacean discovered.

Orca in court! Whales take on Seaworld over 'slavery'

PETA makes Orca's claimants in trial.

Greenhouse gases surge 15% as heat is turned up

Cold weather causes rise in greenhouses gases.

It's a dog eat frog world for Chester

A living shell for tortoise stuck in fence for 5 months

On the horns of a dilemma

Rhino dies under anaesthetic.

Pregnancy and Tourette's triggered my donkey calls

Girl brays like donkey.

It moose be, looove

Girl gets a little elk from her friend.

Dolphins are people too- so give them human rights

Experts suggest cetaceans should be given human rights.

Electric Flash...the 200mph race car

Race car to use latest technologies.

Fab by name,fab by nature

Fabio the bull sells for £126,000.

Agog at Google's goggles

Google plans online marine view as well as street and sky.

It'd be tough to p-p-pick up this penguin!

Bones of prehistoric penguin reconstructed.

Time for T-shirts as winter sun is getting warmer

Teaching a new dog bold tricks

Maddie is the subject of balancing  act photos.

Speak up Flipper,is that really you?

Dolphins may have more in common with man than originally thought.

I'll always stick by you

Rider spends 3 hours with horse trapped in mud.

Just owling with laughter

Snowy owl appears to find life hilarious.

Breathe life into your phone.Really.

Mini turbines power cell phone.

Feathered Fiends!

Elephants get a scare from birds.

Nelly packs her trunk and quits the circus for good

Wild animals to be banned from circuses.

A garden harvest of beauty

We're your sleddy bears

Brown bears take to the slopes.

Give the dog a phone.It's time for his Twitter feed.

Toby gets fed by Twitter.

Have you met your cousin? He's a gorilla...

DNA shows gorilla's in our midst.

No way out...the dolphins trapped in a rusty old pen

Turkish dolphins need help to escape prison.

King Rat of the mountains

Possum takes to snowboarding.

The mouse that played a blinder against scaredy cat Tom

Mouse goes on the defensive against cat.

The ups and downs of a dogs life

May teams up with Dappy to stop the cull

Queen's Brian May intervenes on Badger's behalf.

My big day's off - I spent £3,000 on lizard chemo

Woman loves dragon so much she foregoes getting married.


Dormouse wanders into tea shop.

In the bleak mid-winter,playful polar bear family emerge

The origin of sneezes

Hayfever affects macaques.

It's time to call in the tusk force

Furious mother elephant sends hyenas packing.

Tyson the terror of the canal

Swan forces kayaker to abandon ship.

Sunseekers enjoy early spring sizzle

Good weather is followed by snow predictions.

Orangutans 'could be wiped out in months'

Palm oil threatens orangutans.

Can I hang out with you guys?

Sloth drops into photo.

Diving? Falling with style!

Penguins show off on their diving board.

Nuclear blow as energy giants shelve new plans

Power companies pull out of new build.

Watch the birdie...

Dolphins mesmerized by penguin.

From sunshine to snow in 2 days

Extremes in weather predicted.

Travelling mice hitched lift with Viking warriors

Farewell to flaming March,the cruellest month is here

Weather turns from hot to cold overnight.

Maureen finds roots to beekeeping success

Woman finds hive in compost bin.

Snowball:The Purrminator

Postal workers halt deliveries to a house after attack from a cat.

Eats,doesn't shoot and leaves

Why panda mating is not all black and white.

Why the humble snail could be a living battery cell

Snails being used as batteries.

How chimps ape us when touched by grief

Chimps show emotions upon loss of offspring.

Hamster gets stuck to cage by magnet

Smurf becomes spider-hamster.

You really gotta love his tiger feet

Mane man's hot on scent of a woman

Insecticides blamed for bee decline

'Traditional' Chinese cures may contain traces of bear

Banned animals found in Chinese 'medicines'.

Agony of ape trapped with hand in snare for days

Orang Utan loses hand in boar trap.

Tour de Fronds for mantis with the bike riding bug

Eco Suparman (his real name) captures mantis using green energy.

Children urged to go wild - for free

The National Trust is helping kids use the outdoors.

I stick my neck out to capture nature up close

Photographer captures nature up close.

Look out Bambi,a leopard cannot change its spots

New born steenbok learns sleeping with the enemy doesn't pay.

The red hot chill feathers

Chillis being used as humane pigeon repellent.

Hurt pride of lions chased by their prey

Pride comes before a fall on lion hunting trip.

Saving a gull from pond is 'to risky' for 25 firemen

Volunteer steps in when health and safety advise against saving drowning bird.

The endangered African cat...bred from a house moggy

Stray kitten rescued me from anorexic death

Smile, it's the prying mantis

Nosy insect grabs glory with sudden photobomb.

My wonder horse can count to neighnteen

We're in for a humpy ride

Jockeys swap horses for camels

Pet ban for couple with 56 dogs

Spaniel baked to death in 'home-made drying cage'

Pampering goes tragically arong for Trudie.

I've got you in the palm of my hound

Milli could be the world's smallest dog.

Somefin's not quite Reich

Goldfish looks like Hitler.

'Fish eater' facing jail for stunt

RSPCA investigates after animal 'swallowed alive'.

It's the sealy season,OK?

Seal poses for photo.

RSPCA in 'cash crisis'as cruelty cases rise

That woof needs fixing

Axel takes to the roof.

Peng Peng the sheep cloned with a worm

China adds worm gene to sheep.

Runaway beaver who is 'no Britney Spears'

Igor takes to slurry pit to evade Wildlife Officers.

It's Julien McDonald Duck

Pulling the birds is easy with plants

Bower birds use flowers to get mates.

That's a corker of an orca...

All white killer whale spotted

Anyone fancy a hippoback?

Cheeky crocodile confuses hippo with a rock.

Rescued by an escape claws...

Huge crab escapes cooking pot.

The ugly bugs ball

Houdini's great escape

Hamster found in car engine.

Boozy pals pay for pinching penguin

Dirk is safely returned after being stolen.

Art imitates a bug's life...

Tiny Egyptian tortoises on look out for their mummy...

The neighbours from el

Elephants evicted from zoo for misbehaving.

I'm not fat my ape-tite is huge

Australia is that way,you wallaby

Wallaby found in Kent.

Meow-ch A cat that is as big as a child

Fat cat dies from obesity.

Lore is an ass,stubborn donkeys are a myth

Donkey Sanctuary denounces myth of the stubborn ass.

I'm nut doing requests

Squirrel tinkles the ivories.

Humm,that's birdwatching

Up close at feeding time.

Buzzard Blues

Letter concerning protected buzzard nests being destroyed.

A damsel in distress

Maybe this fly is just feeling blue.

Listen,I've just got big bones...

Roly Poly hog eats too much cat food.

Home,where buffalo roam

Welcome to cape fear

Matador bottles it when bull rages.

My shed is home tweet home

Bird takes up home in man's shed.

The mean green machine

Porsche uses lithum-ion battery.

Trapped Arctic gas 'a threat to planet'

Melting ice releases methane.

Energy 'will be unaffordable in three years'

Never mind the buzzards here's yet another U-turn

DEFRA caves in to pressure about buzzards.

Robo-fish goes for the spill

Robot fish looks for oil spills.

Starved and left to die in a layby

RSPCA treats dog as close to death as it is possible to be.

Peacocks home to roost after great escape

Peacocks breed in the UK.

Paralysed rats are helped to walk again

My catalytic converter

Kitten gets stuck in car exhaust.

At least he'll never forget to wear them

C'sar the elephant undergoes cataract surgery.

If you spot this hairy critter, leg it!

New species of spider.

Sharp images of the ocean floor

Put a pony on the llama and a squid on the pig

In the wake of Paul the psychic Octopus comes a menagerie of pretenders to his throne.

A buzz as well as alarm bells

Hyde fire station gets hives.

Planet Earth 'on brink of dangerous new era...'

'Tipping Point' paradigm shift predicted.

Green farms rule will cut food supply

MPs panic about forcing farmers to go green.

I'll skip dessert,thanks

Kevin Beresford is one sick puppy.

40k gift to revive nature reserve

Sam Bright on Eastwood Nature Reserve.

The 'cute cub' who grew too big for her owner

Aldo gets sent to a zoo.

Now that really is cool for cats....

Piggy climbs the fridge.

Olympics opening is 'cruel to animals'

Animal rights activists protest the use of animals in ceremony.

I always take pride

Steve Bloom takes pride in pictures.

You rang,mallard

Duck rings for food.

How I bit off more than I could shoe...

Croc takes makes a meal of footwear.

Renewable is cheaper/No price on future

Letters regarding renewable energy.

The sex mad bird who won't be an ex-parrot

Kakapo is heading off the endangered list.

We've really got the hump

Family takes camel to the shops.

Don't call me pussy, I just don't like cats

Bob does a runner from a cat.

Hedgehog history

Sean Wood reports on the history of the hog.

The fowl practice of stealing birds eggs

Sean Wood reports on the effects of egg stealing.

It's some fin special

Seal and dolphin have a special relationship.

If you go into to the garage today

Trapped cub stages acrobatic escape.

You shell rest in peace

Oldest tortoise dies.

Fancy a stroll? I'll get me goats...

Man takes goats for a stroll.

Wooly wheels give me a new fleece of life...

Disabled sheep is given walking harness.

Food sent to landfill could be used to power our homes instead

Biogas maybe generated from food waste.

Rain on climate sceptic's parade

Letters on Global Warming.

Putting nuclear power into perspective

Comparing nuclear power with other forms of fuel.

March of the killer caterpillars

Hairs of toxic insects cause deadly attacks.

Shock and gore for duo who ran with the bulls

British pair get gored in Spanish festival.

Harnessing the power of the atom

Nuclear Fusion is cleaner that Fission.

Bees are buzzing over new homes

TMBC is re-homing bees.

Green company creates a buzz

Green company controls bees.

I'm just monkeying around

Monkey captures himself on hidden camera.

Whales? No,it's Scotland

Pods of whale shead for John O'Groats for their holiday.

Pride comes before maul for lioness

Big cat clears river of crocs to get her family across.

Oobee-do,I'm just like you

Tor the orangutan likes to copy human smokers.

Earth's great snow-go zone

Ice sheet melting so quickly that NASA scientists think satellites are faulty.

Roo loves ya?

A cure to wombat loneliness.

Snow and floods? It must be spring

Wacky weather.

I gave the kiss of life to a tortoise

Tortoise saved from drowning.

We brought a 10cm killer home in our suitcase

Family finds scorpion among the luggage.

Ouch! That's quite the  hair of the dog

Dog gets a faceful of porcupine quills.

Heatwaves are 'proof of global warming'

Scientists uses stats,not models, to show Global warming.

Pic-ass-o Patty's brush with art is a masterstroke

Donkey takes to painting pictures.

Blind Stevie is keyboard wonder cat

Blind cat plays the piano.

One horn every minute

Orphaned rhinos get daycare centre.

Who needs a pooch? Dave's got a dogzilla

Fluffy the monitor lizard goes walkies.

'Killer virus' ties snakes up in knots

Snake disease links to rats.

Man's hand in the decline of the majestic eagle

Exotic bird gets twitchers in a flap

Bald Iris in Hattersley.

Cuckoo heads south by catching a plane

Bird gets a plane ride.

Turing sunflowers maths project

The fibonacci sequence and sunflower heads.

Strike two! Porcupines new victim

Another dog gets spines in the face.

Our homes's turned upside batty lodgers

Somerset family wakes to a room full of bats.

Splash and grab raids

Kingfisher captured in action in photos.

Fooled by a toy-toise

Replica reptile makes animal lovers look like two dummies.

Toothless rat shows a nose for survival

World's only toothless rat discovered.

Whale,I'll be blowed

Whale's caught on camera.

What's he got to smile about?

Shark has a happy meal.

London zoo's a-weigh day

Not just fish have scales....

Lion hunt called off as mane suspect vanishes

Suppsoed lion is loose in Essex.

PM's cat Larry curtails whiskering campaign

Ginger tom is suspect in hunt for 'Essex Lion'

Lion hunt in essex maybe for large ginger tom cat

Only way is Essex for viper

Now a viper is on the loose in Essex.

Blaze of buddleia brings butterflies

Find out the best hangouts for bats

Saved in the chick of time

Duckling almost buys the farm.

Conker 'canker' may bring end to playground fun

Horse chestnuts are under attack.

You sea,I'm a see-lion

Curious seal checks out it's own reflection.

My puppy fits on an Iphone

Dog weighs less than an egg.

My engine really purrs

Cat is trapped for 3days.

Summer soak ends 30yr wait for rare bloom

Any room for a real old timer?

Ewe've got a friend

Shaun the sheep gets special attention.

His mother's pride

Little learner's brave road trip.

Whale,fancy meeting you here

Girl bonds with her new 90st playmate.

It goes like the wind

Sports car powered by turbine electricity.

One whale of a tail

She's not such an incy wincy spider,is she?

Raft spiders are released into wild.

We sphinx he's done a runner

The skull and cross eyes cat

Yeah,this'll bamboozle 'em

Cunning disguises worn by nature reserve staff to remove cub into the wild.

Nessun Dormouse

Rodents squeak in harmony like opera singers to impress girls,study shows.

A serious case of Polar-oid rage

Polar bear loses rag with photographer.

I'm just a blubbermouth

Whale makes human-like sounds.

The mouse that soared

Army of Nazi raccoons force Germans to admit defeat

"Invasive" racoons become established in Germany.

My theory is he's a relative

Monkey is double of Einstein.

All eyes on bird of fray

Cockatoo chick causes stir.

She's a salty undersea dog

Molly tours the ocean in a submarine.

Is this elephant talking or is it muble-jumbo?

In the wake of the talking whale comes Koshik.

Nature maybe beyond our control,but we must still do our bit

Letter's to the Metro on climate change,

Guinea pigs might fly

Truffles leaps into the record books.

Birds take whale away

Starlings create pictures in the sky.


JJ the chicken learns to count.

Police! I've just been outfoxed

180m rats to die in poison purge of the Galapagos

Raging bull strikes twice

Bull elephant attacks safari tourists.

Do ostriches swim? Well,these 2 do...

Bird spotting's wiping out our garden friends

Virus hits garden birds.

Polar Bear? No,it's a badger

Dorset creature is albino badger.

My facebook likes are off the scale

We're gonna need a bigger laundry trolley

Going shopping for views of sharks.

Tearaway emu is caught by the Bill

There's more rain on the way

We are seeing climate change happen in front of our eyes.

The first steps to freedom

Brown bear cub escapes cruel traders after outcry.

Climate data:333 Climate sceptics:0

Data shows global warming is happening.

Fewer babies,less Co2

A fight for life in the depths

Photographers capture species under threat.

Bug's life is a bit confused

Poking his noise out at last

Endangered rhino caught on covert camera.

Life in the big chill

Photographs of cold Europe.

The eggs factor

Calendar gets the chicks eggs-cited.

Magnetic Milo has key role in cat burglaries

Milo has a magnetic personality.

The funky monkey from Ikea

Poor Mr Fox is not so fantastic

Fox gets head stuck in wheel.

Judge staggered by  £330,000 bill for hunt fight

Prosecuting Cameron's hunt costs more than the combined fines.

'Noisy' dog face's death

Sheffield council act like Nazi's.

Bat out of hell...

New species already endangered.

She's the star of a silent mew-vie

Charlie the cat needs a home.


Owl looks a twit with its head in a car grille.

Dark heart of fin trade

Shark fin trade exposed.

This is a nuts 999 call

Fire service saves squirrel

Here's Tufty in his tifters

Grey squirrel tries on hats.

Ice-trapped orcas have Big Miracle

They're dressed to krill

Models pose for photoshoot with whale sharks.

Hopping a ride on the snailway...

Frog uses snaill as form of transportation.

Horse d' thank you

Superstores in trouble over horse meat in burgers.

Record £12m tusks haul seized

Customs stop illegal ivory sale.

We pay for windarm 'blunders'

Government bungling leads to higher electricity bills.

Mean,green machines

Supercars need not be environmentally unfriendly.

Circus owners 'let staff hit elephants with pitchforks'

Elephant welfare in doubt at circuses.

Japan spent tsunami aid on whaling

Rejected burgers used to make real horse power

Waste burgers turned into electricity.

Squirrel killer faces jail

RSPCA to prosecute grey squirrel killer.

Nosy lioness warns of paw-parazzi

Lioness runs off with camera.

Come,let's play snap

Child plays with alligator.

I'm the man who mothers kangaroos

An orphan's heartbreak

Young Bornean elephants left alone after parents poisoned.

It's too windy for wind turbine as gales strike

I think I'll just gopher a bite

Jaws killer lands an £8,000 fine

Man kills protected shark.

Baby Denny 'recovering well' as fox attack leads to cull calls

Baby injured by fox provokes cull argument.

The urban pest that refuses to go away

Experts say to take more responsibility for urban foxes rather than culls.

Blade Flipper

Yu the turtle gets prosthetic flippers.

Bouy,fins are looking up!

Fish is able to swim due to float aid.

Whistling is such a hoot

Scops owl gets reclassified.

Llama drama is right ding-dong

Who's a clever boy, then?

Parrot speaks more than one language.

Chris P.Bacon becomes internet sensation

Pig gets wheels.

Good fetch dips

Zelda is a balancing fanatic.

Director gives role in opera to a donkey? That's bray-ve.

Fireman Ham's on call

Dominic the pig helps the fire brigade save people's bacon.

The aliens are invading - and want our bees

Asian hornets are entering the UK.

Bees 'pick up electric signals'

Plants use electric fields to communicate with bees, scientists have learned.

Get me hoot of here...

Smile,it's for chimpstagram

Processed meat is killing us

Chance of death increase by 44%.

Jaws hunts down director

Sea turns red as great white kills movie maker.

Vinnie's making headlines

Saved from poachers but not from hunger

Elephants go hungry even if saved from poachers.

Time to think green

Letters to the Metro on environment.

Get ready for extremes

Environment agency warns that variable weather will be the norm.

'Telepathic' rats contact each other across the world

A twist in the tail for alligator Mr Stubbs

Alligator fitted with prosthetic tail.

Methane could save the world from fuel crisis

This EU law to ban animal testing is long overdue

EU legislates vivisection.

Shake a leg,Daddy-o

Rescued spider crab enjoys stretch in new home.

Seal on a zebra crossing

Beach traffic is brought to standstill by giant mammal.

Hardy hamster survives snow

Poppy's has lucky escape from excursion into blizzard.

Smiling assasfin...

Smirking killer's not what he seems...

From flycatcher to a frycatcher

Kiskadee gets a taste for chips.

Dead whale found floating in the Thames

Electricity becmes common as muck

Beloved Nick,we will always ram-ember ewe

Remberance service for Nick Boing.

Run! She's got the hump

Rhino bites off more than he can chew.

After angry birds,it's furious falcons

Tagging chicks upsets parents.

I ham the mouseiah

Tink is resurrected.

Bloomin' warm for a change

Temperatures start to rise.

The unpleasant pheasant

Feathered fiend called Phil keeps attacking family.

You just can't panda to this lady's tastes

Plight of the Bumble bee

Wet summer and harsh winter sees honey production dive and hives decimated.

What's good fore the goose?A pint of cider

Victory for the ninja turtle

Turtle gets saved by the shell.

Rats plagued by the blues as days get lighter

Sorry,in black and white she can't bear you

Ambushed by Friar Tusk

Elephant helped by monks is forest thief.

A swarm of protest over bee 'rescue'

UK government is against the ban on pesticides that kill bees.

Flash mob protest against badger cull

DEFRA upset at badger protest.

Yes,it's a shell suit

Knitted outfits are taking off....slowly.

Warming up for a wipeout

Temperature changes may affect populations.

Britain's fields get quieter as 60% of species in decline

David Attenborough issues "stark warning".

I thought it was a hop-on service

Frog's got a cricket to ride but he don't care.

Turtles bask in a butterfly kiss

Turtles and butterflies meet head on.

Meet the new creepy crawlies

Discoveries of 2012.

Surgeons earn their stripes

Tiger has furball removed.

Hooked on hijacking snaps

Fish photobombs people's snaps.

Toms go green for sweet taste

New tomato is green not red.

It's the mop-it show...for owls

Owlet's best friend is a mop.

UK link to online trading in rhino horns

Inuka is happy to just chill

Inuka gets home improvement.

Giants of the land face threat from spread of tree diseases

It's a nasty tern of events

Terns think they are in a Hitchcock movie.

I'm the A-list Anteater

Tammy gets a minder.

My dad...well, he's bad

Moonwalking pony faces paternity test.

Who are you calling a fat cat?

Romance blossoms after 16years

Loneliest plant in the Uk gets a mate.

Pay Misty for me

Dog takes credit cards.

Bee population falls by a third after the Winter chill

Birds in a flap as they fly to mate and find an app

Beekeeping gives me a real buzz

Tony Grey talks abut Adopt-a-hive.

1m homes for garden wildlife

RSPB says UK nature in trouble.

Hotel that sets a llama call to wake you up

Rare bird makes a flying visit...into a wind turbine

Needletail loses fight with windmill.

Puss in boot! Cat Chipz gets stuck in car

Oh,Dash it! My van's engine is really purring...

Survival hope for African elephant

Waddle you know...lame duck walks with new foot

Duck gets prosthetic limb.

Environment gets some brotherly love

Balsam bashing gets into swing.

The plight of the bumble bee

Close-ups are bugging me

Flutter class stamps arrive

Royal Mail issues butterfly stamps.

So,what do you do when you are being chased by a cheetah?

Luna lose both ears to the sun

Mind the paws:4wk-old kitten found on the tube

Moby Click

Divers get close up of whale feeding.

A grey parrot? We've found one that's a bit blue

Potty mouth parrot has a line in expletives.

Oi,it's my turn to look now

Panda's actually have a baby.

The bunny tale of the dwarf rabbit that lost its hare...

Fracking? Do it up's desperate,claims peer

Lord Howell gets in hot water over class faux pas.

The empire strikes back

Tycoon hit with £1m bill for wrecking ancient woodland.

It maybe time for a buzz cut

12yrs until elephants are all wiped out

Taking a trance with a sleepy shark

Orphaned babies are safe to sleep in peace

Fracking battle escalates with arrest of green MP

Fracking protests continue.

Fracking well 'triggered 109 earth tremors'

More than a mere cat,not quite a tabby bear

New animal found.

Protestors out in hundreds to stop mass badger cull

DEFRA and farming community subject to mass protest.

Hit by cupid's sparrow

Boy saves sparrow.

Is there a tiny giant on the way?

Panda may give birth.

Giving the rare sandpiper a helping hand

Spoon-billed sandpipers are being given help.

When dolphins go bad...

Pod of ten attacks surfer.

Tories are  'kings of the stone age'

Energy secretrary rails tory policy.

When I see an elephant cry

Baby elephant weeps for 5 hours after his mother rejects him.

Time flies....unless you just happen to be a fly

Metabolic rate affects time perception.

What a fin-tastic sight

Kayakers have close encounter with whale.

Crafty fox got into bedroom and licked my sleeping girl

Woman 'terror struck' by urban fox.

Caw blimey,Basil's causing a flap

Grey parrot turns the air blue.

I let black mamba bite me

Man poisons himself on purpose.

That was flippin' close

Seal balances on White Sharks nose in lucky escape.

I pulled a hook from mouth of man-eater

Man takes life in own hands.

The 70 miaows per hour cat

Cat gets stuck on car roof.

How to mock a killing bird

Eagle given hard time by much smaller bird.

On a wing and a prayer...

Pigeon dices with death with lion.

The one that got away...

Seal takes off with fisherman's catch.

It's not a cock and pool story...

Blind chicken given kiss of life.

Jaws Cornwall

They really are sloth cute

Sloths play with their toys.

Trip is a 'dream come true'

I found Nemo...possibly

Clownfish imitates cartoon.

Rise of the mutant rats

More and more rodents immune to regular poison.

It's Justin Beaver in a chatroom

The greenhouse gets hotter

Climate change gases 'at highest ever levels'

Croc got your tongue?

Elephant gets nasty surprise at waterhole.

A heavyweight knockout

Angry elephant attacks protective hippo mum.

Say farewell to our forests

Map shows devastation.

In the frame: the shy and the ferocious

Wolves shot dead after fleeing zoo enclosure

Wolves shot as they escape.

Tiger mauls his keeper in attack at Irwin's zoo

Tiger gets over-excited at Steve Irwin's zoo.

I nose how this tune goes...

Elephant plays piano with trunk.

Chief exec responds to Goat cull

RSPB respond to goat cull criticism.

Earth's coldest place

Chick Flicks

Cockerel's pose as movie stars.

Birds of prey shot and poisoned

Bee-lieve me,I can bearly cope

Toby driven bonkers by a bee.

Zooming in at the zoo...

Undersea moments to make your year

New bat sets up home in Britain

Geoffroy's bat settles in UK.

Duck with all the luck

Duck saved from Xmas plates.

The march of the penguins

Penguins dress up for Xmas.

Waves of sadness

Coinjoined whale twin washes up dead.

A pint of real whale landlord

Icelanders use whale as an ingredient.

Pet,may the force be twit twoo...

Owl watches Tv.

Hoot to kill?Not exactly

Owl used to scare pigeons.

Rock (and roll) Panda

Tiger in the tank? No,it's in the back of our Toyota

Poachers caught red-handed.

Zookeepers shoot healthy giraffe and feed it to lions

Marius the giraffe killed at Copenhagen zoo.


Seals are washed ashore injured.

Marius II waits to see if he must die

Another Danish giraffe under threat.

What a dumbo! I'm in a right muddy mess...

Baby elephant falls in mud pit.

It's time to think about what we are doing to nature

Letters on Australian shark culls.

Damn,I've been spotted

Leopard goes on run in India.

Murder mystery is a solved by ...Hercule Parrot

Criminals caught by parrot's 'evidence'.

He's a wheel survivor...

Tortoise gets wheels to replace feet.

The loser was well eaten.

Snake swallows croc whole.

Ultimate Frogger

Frog takes life in its hands.

Glue's a pretty boy then? Rare parrot in a fix

Kakapo egg saved by glue.

My hamster:the hole story

Hamster gets stuck in pipe.

Look past the smile to see the sadness....

Petrovich is imprisoned.

Playful polar bears say 'hello' to world

Blinky the nuclear fish has nothing on barreleye

Four-eyed fish discovered.

Lazy brown fox stages a coop in the hen-house

Oh,my cod,I've fallen for you hook,line and sinker

Now Marius zoo kills lions

Little sparrow still warbles as our No1 garden bird

Cheeky! Wild cheetah pops his head in to greet tourists

Stealing images,not lives...

Poacher turns photographer.

Let's talk about the elephant in the living room

600-year wait for a nest egg

Storks breed in the wild.

He's baa-baa-gantuan

Lamb-zilla of newborns is biggest in the world