Spider man  photo award

Advertiser Dec11 2008

by Kate Weir

A TEENAGE photographer has been shortlisted for a prestigious photographic award after taking an interest in the bugs in his back garden. 18-year-old Jake Wild is through the to finals of the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards and will find out tomorrow (Friday) if he's a winner - at a ceremony at the Tower of London. Jake, from Denton, snapped the image called 'fastfood' while in his garden. The keen amateur, who has plans to turn professional in the coming years, had noticed that one particular plant in his garden seemed to attract more bugs that all the others. "There were always loads of bugs on that plant. I just went out there to get some pictures, and saw the spider. It ran away when it saw me, so I only managed to get about two photographs." The picture shows a spider about to tuck into a fly which it has trapped in its web, and was just one of the several photos Jake entered into the competition. "I was amazed when I found out I was going to the finals. Since finding out, I've entered more competitions. I'm really pleased, but I think my mum's even more pleased than I am!" Over the past few years Jake has amassed a collection of some impressive images, mostly involving the natural world. "I like 'to take macro images of things like raindrops. I use the magnifying glass function on my camera to zoom in." Amazingly; Jake's image was taken on a point-and- click style digital camera which many people have at home for taking holiday snaps.


If Jake wins, he could end up taking home a professional camera which would enable him to take even more advanced shots and achieve his goal of turning professional. The awards are judged by professional photographers like Ernie Janes as well as animal expert Nick Baker from the BBC's Really Wild Show. The overall winner could spend the day with the RSPCA on an exclusive photoshoot.

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