Metro 13/5/09

Metro 19/6/09

Your story on Kevin Beresford and roadkill beggars the questionwhy such people deserve publicity. If they have no respect for life then they are retarded.How would Kevin like it if people put pictures of his dead relatives on beermats? Having such little respect for life is symptomatic of a society that cares little for other life forms on this planet,the consequences of which can be seen in destruction of habitats and maltreatment of animals from individuals in public and celebrities on "I'm a celebrity...".Animals should be treated with the same respect as human beings,even ifd they are foodstuffs for some people. As Oscar Wilde put it "We're all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars".Work done by such notables as Temple Grandin on curbing the suffering and stress of cows before slaughter is a long way from the gutter next to the kerb that Mr Beresford has fell into.

Dear Ed,

With respect to your story about students eating roadkill. I find it quite sad that kids are not being educated to respect life rather than to see it as a cheap meal - it is because of attitudes shown by the student in your article that young people treat animals with disdain. The fact that this is a degree course is tragic. A young thug has just beaten a cat to death in my area - perhaps if he was educated to value life he might not have done. The tutor on this course needs to seriously examine their values.

This world is in a mess and the sooner we teach people the value of animal life as being more than dietary the better.