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Dear Metro

I am glad Chris Packham has nailed his colours to the mast over the disgrace that is "I'm a celebrity....". Considering the state this planet is in,you might think that we would start treating it with respect instead of inanely abusing creatures.Germaine Greer has also spoken out about this, I applaud them both.

Dear ITV

Please find attached Chris Packham's remarks from the Metro - which indicate the same opinion I have, and also that Germaine Greer and Bug Life have - that is - that your programme is harming animals and is gratuitously offensive in the extreme. I do not care what any of your spokespeople say- now you have a renowned animal expert TELLING you that this programme serves nothing and should be pulled - it is a waste of time and offensive to the intelligence of proper human beings. It is not entertaining and only hurts creatures at a time when we should be respecting the earth and its inhabitants.

Grow up and stop pandering to the lowest common denominator - if this planet is to be saved it needs everyone to chip in - and this programme is doing the exact opposite of what is required.

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