Here comes the hunt, in landrovers

Foxes survive even hunting

Anon who wrote the sob story about losing their friends and social life because of the hunting ban,should try and figure out whether man needs to hunt anymore when we have trucks that bring our food to superstores,and indeed whether killing is morally right. I note that cowards are unwilling to give up their personal details in case of recrimination. If there is nothing morally wrong with hunting then why not say who you are? I have a message for this person,give that they fail to see the implications of what they have said: "Get a life".

A short message for C Morris and Gavin Haywood. If foxes are a problem for "country people" then perhaps they might understand that the way "city people" see it, is that there are too many human beings on the planet, leaving not enough room for other creatures. We might then expect them to enter what we like to call "our territory". If we are at the top of the evolutionary ladder,which is debateable,we are also the most morally discerning creature and therefore the onus is upon us to make the most moral choice,Mr Haywood,which is not killing something because we can, when we do not need to.