The Naturalist's Code


A case for the Grey Squirrel

Why culling only causes problems.

Red Fox

Culling urban foxes just doesn’t work

Professor Stephen Harris says culling does not work.

Hazel Dormouse

The Nautilus

Poem about the cephalopod NAUTILUS.

Invasive Species

Nature's Numbers

Why understanding mathematics is an important part of understanding nature.

Biological Modelling

Details of how predator/prey systems are modelled.

Flawless Forcasting

The relationship of maths to weather systems.

Casting a critical eye on climate models

Today's climate models are more sophisticated than ever – but they're still limited by our knowledge of the Earth. So how well do they really work?


Wildlife Garden

Garden Spot




Frog friendly ponds

The Exodus from Africa

In 20 years all this could be gone...

Species on the edge of extinction.

Where beasts are no burden

The blue cross saves the lives of pets whos owners cannot afford a private vet.

Inside the minds of animals

Science is revealing just how smart other species can be - and raising new questions about how we treat them.

That's just charming

How to charm a snake.

Time Lords of nature are last of their kind too

Species that live longer than most.

Be tempted by the devil - Tasmania

The Tasmanian Devil is under threat.

Tip in the heart of the sea

A floating man-made rubbish tip is playing havoc with marine life.

Save Our Seas

Help decide which coastal areas need to be conservation zones.

Act now to save our oceans from plastic

David Attenborough makes appeal.

Mystery death of the the birds

They die in pain,victims of a silent killer that has scientists baffled.

The way of the Dodo

Man's catastrophic effects upon Mauritius.

Walk on the Wild Side

Get more fun from a stroll in the country.

A walk on the wildside - Madagascar

Planting gardens for birds

European Beaver reintroduction

Watching Wildlife

Leafing the summer behind us

New leaf: The promise of artificial photosynthesis

Man made photosynthesis may hold key to power crisis.

Limitless power from the forests of the future

Nanowire trees generate hydrogen from water.

Summoning up the energy

HORIZON - Dawn of the solar age.


The race is on to break the boundaries in the next generation of batteries.

Are curbs on wind farms just hot air?

Will the public lose out if wind farms are curbed?

Coming to a fan (or field) near you soon

Making energy from waste products.

Mucus,Poo and blankets of slime:a recipe for world domination

Slipping past the point of no return

Global rise in sea levels maybe inevitable.

Joy in the animal world

Scientists are beginning to understand that animals have emotional needs.

How global warming is driving our weather wild

Global warming is not just a matter of the Earth getting hotter.

Natural skin care buzz

Our dwindling honeybees aren't just a crucial part of nature,they're at the heart of essential skin care too.

A sweet buzz for city dwellers

Urban beekeeping.

It's a bug's life,so let them go

Slaughter on a giant scale

Poaching animals is leading to many species being pushed to the edge of extinction.

Being veggie is not just about ethics

Mary McCartney wants to free vegetarianism from its ghetto.Is it time for meat-free to go mainstream?

Will we be so ready to eat these meals again?

In the wake of the horsemeat scandal - do we know what is in our food?

Of mice,men and makeup

The EU bans testing cosmetics on animals.

Who gave fur its modern gloss?

Is the taboo of real fur diminishing in the fashion industry?

Rediscovering a lost world

Should mankind bring back to life species it has destroyed?

Alien invaders tie us in knots

Knotweed and Balsam invade the UK but we can only control the outcome.

It's time to search for a plan bee

Article on documentary MORE THAN HONEY.

When the cameras roll,it's time to act

Endangered species are being monitored but not protected.

The dark truth behind palm oil

Tropical forests under threat from resource.

What is a zoo's animal instinct?

What are zoos for?


Stories in pictures.