MTVCA WALK 4/10/09

Another beautiful day - bright, dry and with a little 'nip' in the air -a perfect autumn day. Thought small in number we set out in good spirits and enthusiastic for all that the day held in store for us. Paul Heaton had planned the day and we started off from Oaken Clough Lane at 10 am, sharing cars, armed with binoculars, books, boots and packed lunches. Our first stop was the Brownhill Information Centre where we browsed the brochures full of events for the coming winter and spring months next year. The centre is worthy of a visit with lots of taxidermy of creatures which inhabit the Medlock and Tame valleys and loads of information about wildlife sightings. Outside the centre we saw a yellow/orange buddhlia, an unusual one as none of the group had seen this colour before. It was a magnet for butterflies and bumble bees with various species being identified including the Speckled Wood,Comma,and the Red Admiral, all having a great time!

From here we walked up the canal to the village of Uppermill which was surprisingly quiet for a beautiful Sunday morning before having our picnic lunch.

After this it was forward to Diggle along the Huddersfield canal way. PaulH spotted a beautifully coloured wild wallflower but was unsure of it's type and Paul will do further research on this. Lots of Himalyan Balsam formed an edge and was surviving well and undisturbed. A few clouds gathered but no rain… (yet). We stopped off at the Diggle Hotel where Diggle Youth Brass Band entertained us to a high standard. The women lingered here for a while and the men in the group continued further up hill. The afternoon was pushing on and rain threatened so the women headed back to the garden centre for afternoon tea, as planned, and through the wonders of technology we were able to communicate our intentions to the men who said they would meet us there. Not long after we set off, the heavens opened and there was a very heavy shower of rain but, we resisted taking shelter under the canal bridges along the way as the lemon meringue pie and toasted teacakes beckoned us from the garden centre at Uppermill. We arrived soggy and dripping but nothing could dampen our spirits on what had turned out to be a highly successful and enjoyable day.

Special thanks are due to Paul Heaton for organising the walk.

Members collecting for walk

Inside the Brownhill Centre.

Uppermill main street.


Stannage Tunnel.

Diggle Hotel and Brass Band.


Red Admiral

Speckled Wood

Don't worry - he's going to be put back!