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She won't rest until the case is cracker-ed

Parrot chases off mugger.

Angry bird on loose

Rhea on the loose.

Rare red squirrels fade to grey in our gardens

Report shows reds in decline.

Puddle is making a big splash

Britain's fighting a losing war against alien invaders

Killer shrimp invade the food chain.

Taking animal photos is really quite simples

Photographer faces 'Oleg'.

Slugging it out for a prize

Molluscs are slimy stars of photo prize.

Clock ticks down on our planet

44th Earth Day celebrated.

Close-ups create a real buzz

Camera technique yields high quality close-ups.

Tortoise has turned into more-toise

Victor just keeps growing bigger.

Nut welcome!

Sly social climbers take over tree-top palace.

Elephant calf's vigil for mother

Five-month-old orphan stays by his dead mother.

It's not too late to save the planet

Letter on renewable energy.

Town in a buzz as swarm of bees invades market

Ashton town centre subject to bee swarm.

Frostie looks cool in his woolchair

Goat gets wheels.

It's caterzilla

Caterpiller uses snake disguise.

A big draw for gardeners

Pencils that grow when planted.

You clever monkey

Monkey short circuits electric fence.

22,000 species at risk of extinction

Continental swallowtails invade

Pig that loined to play piano

Thimble hogs the spotlight with keyboard skills.

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