Workday 3/5/09

Bryan, Judith, Lee and myself arrived. Bryan, Judith, Lee, myself went to no. 5. Unfortunately because of the lack of suitable ladders, we couldn't clear the moss of the roof of the garage so we decided to tend the garden. We didn't do any more work to the herb tablet (as Paul couldn't make it today), but Lee continued to dig up the patch of ground opposite the herb tablet digging it over and putting a border around it to eventually make a rockery. Paul had brought wild flower seeds so these will be sowed in the next couple of weeks once the rockery has been set out. The herb tablet still needs a top coat of paint and then filling up with compost and dividing the sections with slate before planting the herbs.

Judith tackled the pruning of the plants/shrubs along the wall on the way into the house and tidied the bed generally as well as clearing up the window tubs and pots.

Bryan and myself tackled the large greenhouse by the herb tablet and did a massive clear out, but left loads of pots and seed trays if anyone cares to use them. Just sow your seeds and put a little marker in the trays which belong to you. The only thing you will need to bring is compost and seeds. Also, we found a little notebook which recorded members of the association who had used the greenhouse over the last couple of years and a few entries were made by Iain Taylor. I thought this was a lovely idea and maybe we could continue the record for future members to find and enjoy.