Workday 30/8/09

Rick (tree surgeon), Bryan, Paul H, Lee & myself were at No. 5 (and Katie popped in).

Rick has now finished the tree and Bryan has helped to bundle many of the large branches which came from the tree at the side of the house. Rick is coming next Sunday to ID the trees.

Paul H pulled up some himalayan balsam (dealing with the seed head separately) and laid more black covering on the paths. Paul also identified a small area for a nettle plot which is good for bees, butterflies and moths as well as putting nitrogen into the soil. He will work on this in future weeks. It is just above where the wildflower gardens will be. He also sowed some foxglove and campanula beside the alpine garden and edged the currently used vegetable plot and it all looks so well.

Lee and myself finished the fence at the front of the house and painted it. We also cleared the two 'boat seats' and removed the seedling trees from the one beside the herb table. The wood underneath the plants was soaking so we brushed it down to allow it to dry out. We will then need to put green preservative on to both seats to preserve the wood during autumn/winter.

We cleared the steps leading down to the herb tablet behind the pond but some of the bricks will need to be cemented in - a job for the next work day.

All in all, another good day's work!