Workday 20/9/09

Bryan Stringer; Paul & Jean Lythgoe, Lee Borrell and Susan Stewart arrived on another beautiful day. We have been so fortunate that many of our workdays this year have been dry and bright. The new publicity brochures have now been produced and Jean and Susan folded this ready for circulation. Bryan and Jean cleaned the rubbish from beside the greenhouse at the herb tablet and Susan prepared the boat seats to be painted; a task which Lee continued and finished. Jane Downall arrived at 12 noon and, with Bryan armed with his garden map and co-ordinates, we set off around the woodland garden to identify the trees.

It was a brilliant tour and Jane did a superb job of identification. We found we have a very varied collection of trees including: Hornbeam, Ash, Elm, Oak, Maple, Hazel, Birch, Lime, Apple, Holly, Populus and Hawthorn. (I think that's all!) Bryan is going to mark up the trees on his map, full co-ordinated and in the months to come, special ID plaques will be put on the trees.

Paul & Jean proceeded to clear an area around the pond and it is hoped to have some of the overgrown plants in and around the pond removed.

Peacock Butterfly Peacock Butterfly