Workday 16/8/09

Bryan, Paul H, Judith Wood, Lee Borrell & Susan Stewart arrived around 11am.

Rick the tree surgeon was there and had already hoisted himself half-way up the tree at the side of the house when we had arrived. The warning came "don't walk under the tree - Rick is up there". Forever after that day the question on everyone's lips was "Where's Rick"! Bryan cleared away all of the lopped branches and Rick said he would come again to do more lopping and ID the trees for us.

Paul H was working around the alpine garden and well it looked too. He had also turned over and edged the small vegetable garden and had cut steps into the soil heading down to the apiary - clearing the path as he went. Lee edged these steps with wood. The small stones also were spread bordering the alpine garden.

Judith planted up more herbs in the herb tablet and generally tidied up in preparation of her evening on "Medicinal Herbs and Home Remedies" this Tuesday evening.

Lee and myself sunk the posts at the front of the house to complete the wooden fence. We will put the horizontal planks on soon once the cement has stopped.

Katie and Tom Moreton called in for a chat and coffee.

Carolyn also arrived with "Gavin" to ascertain where we could place the thermostats in order to try to save on heating bills.

All in all a very productive day!