Workday 6/11/09

Paul and Jean arrived early and despite the wet weather Paul started to repair the guttering on the roof. The gutter was twisted and not supported. It was full of leaves, organic matter, moss and algae. The gutter is now supported properly on brackets and instead of the water running straight on the flat roof from the gutters it is now fed through a pipe to the downspout on the side of the building. A mass of leaves was clears from the gutter and drains. (See photograph). Thank you to Paul and Jean for doing a horrible job including clearing steps at the side of the house of loads of leaves.

The wallpaper on the wall on which the gas heater is being installed in the reception room was found to be backed with polystyrene. This had to be pulled off and came off quite easily.

Bryan stayed while the second of the two electricians looked around the house to give quotes for re-wiring of the house and will send these to us in due course. Bryan put all the chairs out for next weekend's event.

The Christmas hamper was made up and photos taken and circulated to committee to sell hamper tickets. See prices as per my last email. (£16 has been raised already!)

Please find attached tickets for your use if you wish to sell them for the event on Saturday 14th (next Saturday) "Birds of Medlock & Tame Valley" by Nick Martin.

Carolyn has now got all new sets of keys cut so there is a set for each of the committee members. A key cabinet is being put up in the breakfast room. We can also hang coats in here as there are several pegs.