TABLE QUIZ 21/4/09

Tuesday 21st April saw our first public event as a new committee. Our supporters began arriving around 7 pm and whilst waiting for our full quota of supporters, some were shown around the woodland garden and the inside of the house.
Carolyn, one of our committee, sold some raffle tickets for 5 lovely prizes. Everyone talked as they sat around waiting on our Vice-Chairman Paul to start off the evening giving a brief introduction to the hisotry andowrk of MTVCA and a brief introduction to the committee.
We then moved on to the quiz deliverd by our own quizmaster and Chairman, Bryan Stringer who did a great job with his choice of questions and delivery, a real mixed bag! When the results came in, the "Famous Five" table were the winners with a score of 36 out of 50 and claimed their prize.
Whilst the prizes were being announced, hot pies were served (this despite the fact that our oven was broken and we had to scurry up and down the lane to use Katie and Alan Caine's cooker to heat the pies! A BIG thank you to Alan for slaving over a hot cooker for us!)
This was then followed by followed by tea and coffee and some good chat and photographs.

All in all, it seemed to be a successful night and we have had excellent feedback from all of our guests.