5 Oaken Clough

The end house of the Terrace, number 5, came on the market and Mrs Burlinson bought it in order to secure the huge garden that includes a significant area of woodland. Working to her principles of respecting all life forms (even slugs) the area has been developed into a wildlife garden including a wide variety of different habitats in a relatively small area. One of her first projects was the construction of a large pond and the discovery that this had become a breeding ground for the rare Great Crested Newt led to the area's listing as a Site of Biological Importance in 2004. The garden is now a beautiful magnet for a wide range of wildlife, from foxes and woodpeckers down to the tiniest creepy crawlies.

Looking from the pond towards the house

Looking from the house down the steps to the right

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Registered HQ: MTVCA Burlinson House, 5 Oaken Clough Terrace,
Ashton-under-Lyne,Lancs, OL7 9NY
Charity Number: 504558