Going Bats at Oaken Clough 17/9/12

A cold but dry evening,we still had an audience for our presentation on bats which Sue,Paul,Jean and Bryan narrated mainly on the Pipistrelle,Daubentons,and Long-eared bats. The talk was fortuitously interrupted by the on-site Pipstrelles,upon whose appearance,caused us to take out the bat detectors and listen to them hunting insects with our new equipment.

Power point presentation on bats

Click to hear MP3

Click to hear MP3

Above: Spectral analysis of bat clicks.
Left: Audible frequencies after the detector has been used.
As of 6/8/12 ,the MTVCA now has bat detection equipment which was tested the very first time the committe had access to it. The Pipestrelles showed up right on cue for a test!

How to build your own bat detector [5Mb .zip]

Batbox3 Instructions

Baton Bat detector