AGM 17/10/09

Today's AGM was attended by the following committee members:

  • Brian Stringer [Chairman]
  • Paul Lythgoe [Vice Chairman]
  • Jean Lythgoe [Treasurer]
  • Susan Stewart [Secretary]
  • Lee Borrell [Webmaster]
  • Carolyn Blain
  • Judith Wood
  • Katie Caine

and the following members:

  • Chris Leah
  • Edward Bamforth
  • Tom & Midge Morton
  • Jane Downall

During the proceedings Rebecca Morgan was elected to the committee and John Tym said he may be free to attend workdays.

AGM Report

It was a fine autumn day for our AGM 2009 held, for the first time in 5 Oaken Clough Terrace. A small number attended and it was good to see 'old' and new faces.

Reports were given by the three office bearers and business progressed swiftly. A review of the year was given by the Chairman highlighting the highs and lows but above all stating that much had been achieved and much still needed to be done.

The current committee were all re-elected except for Terry Pilmoor and Chris Leah who felt they had to resign. Terry is currently unwell and Chris has other commitments now with Wooden Canal Boat Society. Chris and Terry were thanked for all their hard work over the past years.

Decisions were taken regarding the age of membership which is to be lowered to 16 years of age. It was also agreed to network as much as possible with other organisations and to publicise the work within the community at fares, markets and with voluntary organisations.

One new member, Rebecca Morgan, has come on to the committee and we welcome Rebecca and look forward to working alongside her.

We finished off the day with sandwiches, tea, coffee, biscuits and chat and look forward to another year in the life of MTVCA.

Neil and Nichola,our new neighbours at no3 joined us just as we were leaving,and we look forward to their participation as members.

The table is set for refreshments.

The table is set for refreshments.

Brian Stringer,Midge Morton and Carolyn Blain at the AGM.

Brian Stringer,Midge Morton and Carolyn Blain at the AGM.